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Ninja Turtles' comeback in gaming?


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Haven't been this excited about a TMNT game since the golden era of Konami NES/SNES classics. Game Arts, known for the Grandia series and fresh off co-developing Smash Bros. Brawl, are handling this new TMNT game that will be extremely similar to the Smash Bros. series. If it has everything Brawl had, including a really cool storyline mode, solid gameplay, fun multiplayer and high replay value...then count me in! I just wish some developer/publisher would have the guts of basing games off the comics instead of the cartoons. Nonetheless, the new series are probably the closest to the comics so I don't mind.

Aside from the first NES game, Konami's handling of the Turtles were instant classics back in the NES/SNES/GB days, accumulating to the SNES' forth console installment and the best one, Turtles In Time. I was a huge fan of the Turtles and their games back then. Played them all and enjoyed the hell out of co-op with my brother. My highlights are TMNT III Manhattan Project, Turtles In Time of course, SNES Tournament Fighters, and Radical Rescue for the GB. The latter one was surprisingly the deepest one of all 'cause it had similarities to Metroid and Castlevania.

I REALLY hope they get it right this time. Ubi's only good contribution thus far is the port of the Arcade game on XBLA. The last batch of the TMNT games that handled the new cartoon and movie sucked badly, although some reviewers praised the GBA version of the movie-based game 'cause of its return-to-form.

So...any of you have fond memories with the TMNT games?

PS: waiting for a port of Turtles In Time on XBLA.

EDIT: Another tip that comes in the PR story is that this game is basically part of the celebration of the Turtles' 25th Anniversary. Judging from the screenshots as well, this game doesn't seem to be based off the newest cartoon exclusively. I REALLY hope that means we'll be seeing 25 years worth of characters in this game...from the comics, old cartoons, and new cartoons. Man, I'm getting excited now!

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Awesome I love TMNT.

There was this one game (probably for the genesis) that I CAN NOT find anywhere <_<.. also cause I forget what it was called. It was a fighter one (you know, like street fighter or whatever), but the Turtles had Evil Counterparts. Man that game was pimp.. I wish I could find it again.

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ohhh.. its the same game just easy system had a different versions of it... <_< lol Im a noob.

Thanks though :D


... was a much better game, though. The Genesis version of the fighter was painfully basic for a fighter of the time, and even though they did a decent job with the graphics, the Genesis could have done much better aurally, animation-wise, and gameplay-wise.

IMHO of course.

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out of control < this thread

I remember reading about the new turtles game last month in Nintendo power- looked pretty cool, and i'll check it out. I was a total turtle maniac when I was a kid. :3

I hope that it's more than just a brawl clone, because SSB does it so well, but we'll see.

Even if it is just a Brawl clone, it will be a resounding win if it has proper online play.

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The comic book was a crap-shoot that was never expected to make it big.

Wish I had thought of that crap shoot lol. I do agree though that some aspects of the Turtles need dropped or tweaked.

As for this game......won't hold my breathe. I do miss the side scrollers though. TMNT The Arcade game still rocks. Only game that I had Game Genie codes memorized. Also, my local Chuck E Cheese still have it there. Great times hahaha

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