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OCR01053 - Chrono Trigger "Zeal Love"

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I've been an on-again-off-again visitor to the website-- though recently my interest was revitalized when I came across this old favorite by Unipulator.

I downloaded "Zeal Love" in 2005 after a friend of mine told me about the website, and it was more than just a trip into the memories I had of playing this game-- but of music linked to emotion in a way that was startling, sad, though sweet and familiar all at once.

While I'm no remixer, I'm a fan of music across the board. I like to think of ways in which it affects soundtracks to film and how it's used in theatre. "Zeal Love" certainly seems to sound like the utopia that would have been. The oft maligned distorted piano that was used in this piece can almost be compared to the swell of woodwinds that Mozart used in his "Gran Partita". At first, like a rusty instrument that seems to groan and ache, but then when the rest of the instruments fall into place, the transformation from the old world to the new is complete, and the music is accomplishing its mission in ways you couldn't begin to define.

For the "haters", I'd say they have to let the piece do its work. It's not the original. It doesn't need to be. It's an expression; in this case, a well-crafted, beautifully moving expression.

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The synths entered way too abruptly and I can't say I'm a fan of the distorted piano, but the rest of the minimalist soundscape is handled quite nicely, and the non-distorted piano sounds great! Thanks for reminding me how much I love this tune :-P

There's lots to love about this, so even if some elements don't jive with you, you might find that the end product is still something highly listenable!

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To date, this is our 2nd and last mix from Unipulator which is a real shame. THe man knows how to create ambience better than just about anyone I've ever heard. His tracks are 7 years old, and my goodness they have aged well. Out of the gate, we hear a piano intro that is very similar to his past song, and I'm diggin' it all the way. The arpeggiated synth line is awesome by creating an intensity to the track that helps drive it, but never intruding upon the laid back vibe the track is aiming for! The soundscape is extremely lush and resilient. The arrangement is fairly simple with the backing chords holding the music behind the main melody, but don't hear "simple" as a bad thing at all. Even in the simplicity, Eric has managed to create something with a full and beautiful sound. My goodness, when I listen to the mixes I was trying to do back in 2003, it was down right embarrassing compared to this. Beautiful arrangement all around.

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I gotta agree with Brian here, this track has really aged well, and sounds pretty timeless. THe distorted piano struck me as an odd choice, but it really captured my attention, and when the rest of the synths came in, it felt just right. The backdrop is lush and beautiful, and the chord progression alterations are even better than the original ones, imo. It really mixes some hope with melancholy and mystery. The structure is really similar, but the completely new feel is what really sells this one.

Fantastic work. This is the best Zeal remix.

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This sounds like something that could really fit that setting that you find the source in. It's got a very magical feel to it through the entire track thanks to a very smart choice of synths and a (imo) well-done piano, all of which lending itself to an emotionally-stirring melody.

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