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OCR01060 - Dragon Warrior "Kingdom Come"


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Really nice... I always loved the Dragon Warrior themes... And this is more interesting than I expected.

I can agree a bit with the slower idea - but at the same time, it needs the speed later... Considering where it goes, I think it all works quite well.

Enjoyed it a lot, overall. Definitely going on my next OCR compilation.

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Haha, I know a lot of people put thier first post in a ReMix that they really like alot, and guess what - here's another one.

I've been lurking this board for a looong time. I never wanted to register though, I just had a good time seeing everyone elses opinions on remixes.

But I must say, I do love Dragon Warrior. I am very biased about this in every blatent way possible. This remix is a near perfect fit to the emotion that the series as a whole portrays. I can't get enough of it, and I can't wait for some more, much needed, Dragon Warrior (possibly DWIV!) remixes!

Great stuff. Thanks so much, Unknown.

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A pretty decent orchestral piece.

Just a couple of points I can think of to say:

- Pretty decent arrangement.

- The choir rubs me the wrong way. A midilike choir is a big no in my book, especially if you're going for a realistic orchestral feel.

- My favourite bit is when the overworld theme (?) comes in. Very nicely done.

Nothing much else to say, really, other than that this is your staple orchestral mix, nothing more, nothing less.

Fans of this song should go and look for Russell Cox's Dragon Warrior - Journey of Solitude. It's as good if not better than this track.

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WHOA! The clipping gets thick here. I don't know how you guys can listen to orchestral with clipping. It hurts my head. Anyway, overall nice track. Vibe-y instrument could've been much less midi-ish, and the articulations could've been more human, but the oboe/cello section DEFINITELY makes up for all the bads. It's simple stuff like this, as Wingless said "the subtleties" that make orchestral good. I just wish the clipping didn't bury the song in the louder parts, or I'd keep this...

Nice Work either way. :nicework:

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Right, I'm not sure how this song is good aside from some decent arrangement. It's weird when you hear judges say something along the lines of "I can tell there was lots of time spent on this" as opposed to other times saying "Even though they spent a lot of time on this, that can't be the determining factor."

This mix was processed. Straight up tempo, and no variance on the expression of notes. The soundfonts used were only a notch above GM. And the arrangement was ok, but the ending left much to be desired.

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Mixed feelings about this piece, which I think is generally good.

It seems that the percussion is driving the melody, I would have brought out the strings more.

Very nice inclusion of the overworld theme.

Unfortunately this piece strikes me as unfinished, and I think if it were fine-tuned more, it would be a tremendous improvement.

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Yeah, there is a good deal of clipping in this, and some of the samples are pretty weak, mainly the trumpet and the harp at the end when it is exposed.. The choir sounds pretty good in most parts,as do the strings; not completely realistic, but very pleasant sounding. Arrangement is good, but everything is super mechanical and quantized, and some of the notes would sound better held out with some rubato.

Overall decent, but not as emotive as it should be.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01060 - Dragon Warrior "Kingdom Come"

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