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Support OCR Month 2009 was a triumph!

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I've been following from behind the scenes...










April is support 'Another' month! :mrgreen:

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I've been coming to this site and thoroughly enjoyed the music here since 2001, and although I've never really taken any part in the community I find myself coming here at least once a day to browse the music, look around and read some comments and reviews. It's one of my favourite sites on the whole internet, and as such I feel that I should contribute in some way, even though I am no musical artist.

So I decided to donate 50 US$ to keep the site alive. It's not much, but I hope it will be of some help.

I look forward to hearing more great music from all of you guys.

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Great news guys! Taken from DJP's writeup of http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01831/

First, the good news: As of today, we've beaten last year's total for our April fundraiser!

Now, the "bad" news: Only 87 people have donated. Of course, we have no delusions... this IS the Internet, people EXPECT things to be free, and to get even 87 folks to chip in and help support our not-for-profit VGM-evangelizing organization/website is truly awesome. However, as BGC's pointed out in the thread, there are thousands of registered members and far more unregistered members who visit the site each week, and if everyone could chip in just a little, things would add up REALLY fast. This *is* the money that will make OCR possible for the next 365 days (and hopefully beyond), and we're doing our best to make this month particularly awesome. You probably saw our hopefully-not-pesky-but-rather-enlightening email, but to recap:

We published three interviews with DKC (& more!) composer David Wise, Christopher Tin (Civilization IV), and ReMixer/Composer Steffan Andrews. Thanks to each of them for taking the time to chat with us!

You can now click on our randomized mascots and get cool biographies. Try it, it's addicting.

We JUST turned on a new presentation system for mix comments that shows them RIGHT on the mix detail page, for convenience, along with some visual/usability modifications to our lists pages (e.g. games, mixes, systems, etc.)

We've already posted 8 mixes in April, this being the 9th, and they all kick butt.

So the good news is that over TWICE the people I've got on the list in the OP have actually donated. The bad news is that we've had over 100,000 unique IP hits this month, so there's definitely room for improvement. Keep it up everyone! There's still plenty of time left in the month to reach our goal of $5,000! And at the current rate, I can promise you, we'll do it!

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I told myself I'd donate once I got paid, and so now you guys have $20USD from me as well! I forgot to stick my forum username in my donation though :( It should say it's from Shawn Overn incase you don't believe me!

If it weren't for this website I might never have discovered video game music remixes, and I might not have taken up the enjoyable hobby of remixing. What I owe this community is greater than my donation so I hope you'll all accept a big THANK YOU from me as well!

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holy crap my account here is still alive. I haven't been visiting too much and was never a huge contributor, but just dropped $25 USD because I adore this site, its community, and what it's doing for video game music and culture (not to mention, of course, the music, I fucking love the music that pops up here). things have changed since I started visiting around 2002, all for the better. keep it up, you people are win.

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Alright, you guys have given me access to enough music where I almost feel like a crook, so I sent some cash your way. Small $5 PayPal and also bought a black OCR t-shirt (everyone likes free advertising!).

Keep up the awesome site. You guys are awesome, and I look forward to many more years of OCR!

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I'd like to give a HUGE shout-out to all of the forum lurkers that have contributed. It's awesome to see your generosity, and I'm sure that the regulars would agree. Here's hoping we see more of you around the site!

Aside from getting more involved on the forums, a lot of us play Steam games online -- check the threads for Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, and coordinate things in our IRC channel, which we'd love to see you guys a part of.

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