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Any good artists out there?


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Considering the FAC's renditions there have been, you guys should know what artists lurk around these parts. Myself included.

My art can be seen on my DA site mostly. Link below the sig. Contact me if interested. I can do it for dirt cheap or for....favors. :mrgreen:

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I need to do more artwork so feel free to throw me a PM with your description of what you need:



-Art Style

-Cover size (i.e. CD case <probably means you want a back cover art as well>, a slim CD case, a DVD case, ect.)

-Possibly a booklet if you request it

-Anything personal

Anything like that and I can probably whip up a concept design in 1hour to 3hours and get your opinion on it. I'll then fix it and/or finish it up for you.

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I don't know what I need. I could describe the project to anyone who's interested in undertaking the task, but in terms of what I actually want done, I have no flipping clue.

I think he's giving an artist the opportunity to make up an album name, track list, and if necessary a highly compromising bio of Nekofrog. And let's just assume the music style is Disney Pop Garbage.

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