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OCR01834 - Sins of a Solar Empire "Spreading the Culture"


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Wow, my jaw literally dropped when I saw a Sins of a Solar Empire mix posted on these forums. It's not often that we see PC games get coverage at OCR, let alone recent PC games.

Really digging the mix. I must admit I'm finding it hard to remember the original source music (been a while since I've played Sins), but the atmosphere is great throughout. Reminds me a funky fusion of Sins and the Perfect Dark soundtrack. Again, was pleased to see coverage of this game. Great work.

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Solid beat on this one, and a lot of cool background ambiance. Interesting choice of lead instruments, I wouldn't have expected it, but it works really well. A little extra harmony in some parts would have made it extra cool, but it's still interesting enough for me to repeat it several times. :-)

Great groove. :-)

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I get a freakishly high kick out of the synth/percussion pattern that enters after 2 seconds. Explosive intro + grimy, prodding lead + infectious beat = HOT SAUCE. The fact that it also ends the mix further adds to its authority. By contrast, the section around 1:12 smoothly offers some space-y quietude, partly thanks to the fading warping sound. I also like how the lead cutely experiments at this point until the hot sauce pattern returns.

The source cameos feel naturally placed and flowing, but they don't leave much of an impression on me overall (except for the amusingly creepy debut of The Return at 0:12). I think it's cuz the aforementioned aspects steal my heart first. They're what keep me coming back to this funkitude.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01834 - Sins of a Solar Empire "Spreading the Culture"

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