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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED

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A new torrent for 1-4000 was released this week!

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Hey guys!

I know this thread hasn't had any post for quite some time, but I was wondering if there were any plans to update the torrent file to include the new remixes since Q4 2018? I would be much grateful if I could update my collection without having to manually download all the files uploaded in the last 18 months! :)


Thanks in advance!

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Is there something broken on the tracker related to the 'OC ReMix Collection - 3001 to 3845 (Q4 2018 update)' torrent? My client is giving an error saying the torrent is no longer authorized for use on the tracker, and http://bt.ocremix.org/ no longer shows it listed.

(I'm hoping this just means that there's a new update torrent being prepared, since it has been a long while...)

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