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Tatsunoko vs Capcom is heading Stateside


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Why the hell would I care when the Wii barely has any reasons for me to get an arcade stick for?

And I'm getting the feeling it's not going to have the online play that's basically becoming essential for fighting games nowadays.

Why wouldn't it have online play given that SSBB did? Doesn't mean it'll have GOOD online play...

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Marvel VS Capcom 1 had a small roster. Why can't this one?

This game was an experiment. I don't blame them for not having 200+ characters.

Wait for a sequel to have a bigger one.


It's capcom, so expect the sequels to grow in # of characters. Also expect models reuse ad nauseum, and the good ol' palette swaps + slightly different moves = new characters.

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This would be 10x more awesome.. IF I cared about Tatsunoko at all. Don't know what games/anime/whatever they made but Capcom is definitely the reason this whole project will be successful.

PS. Batsu sounds like such an awesome character to play. Rival Schools is such a badass fighter!

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