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Get zircon's 6th album, FITTEST! (Xbox 360 soundtrack!)

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[16:30] <zircon> you wanna do a topic for it? :D

I'd be glad to.

The FITTEST Original Soundtrack is a true tribute to classic video game music, featuring twelve full musical tracks in a wide range of musical styles influenced by such games as Turrican, Mega Man, Donkey Kong Country, Contra and Dance Dance Revolution. Throughout the highly melodic score, zircon (Andrew Aversa) expands beyond the realm of his previous breakbeat and trance albums with tracks like “Morsecode” (uptempo electro-funk), “Fusion Master” (80s synth pop in the style of Michael Jackson), “Star Command” (over-the-top rock/metal), and “Psychesphere” (psychedelic, sitar-laden grooves).

Of course, there’s still plenty of electronica to go around. zircon’s trademark technique of combining organic, acoustic instruments with enormous beats and deep synths can be found in many of the tracks like the micro-dance tune “Cellular” and the BT-inspired “Photosynthesis”. Even the startup logo sound effects and menu music were included (all designed by zircon), with every track carefully edited, looped and mastered for your listening pleasure.

So, if you’re a fan of video game music and arrangements, or even if you’re one to just linger on a stage for a few more seconds to hear the BGM loop, this is your jam.

FITTEST, a head-to-head and co-operative arena space shooter produced by Blue Door Productions and Rebel Dwarf, is slated for release on Xbox Live Arcade on the Community Games network in Q2 2009.

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Thanks guys :) The game is actually pretty fun. It's (obviously) like Geometry Wars in setup, but you have varied weaponry and a wider variety of foes - namely, bosses. The bosses actually change depending on how many players you're with. For example, if you have two people, the boss requires a strategy that involves two people (and no, the strategy is not just "shoot at it a lot.") Plus there are some fun head to head modes. Anyway, it'll be worth checking out once it's released.

Here's another YouTube freebie.

When I said it was a varied soundtrack I wasn't kidding. :-)

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Woah, this came out of nowhere. I have to reprise Armadon in thinking MMC just came out. Regardless, there was no hesitation in dropping the cash on this for me and I gotta say; this is completely and utterly awesome. You set the bar even higher with each new album you release, never ceasing to impress. I'm only up to Baroque Virus on the listenthrough as I keep repeating tracks, haha.

I have to ask; you said Morsecode was done as a tribute to Joshua Morse. Photosynthesis, to me, has a very SGX sound - which is awesome. Were you going for that? :)

Edit: ah, I see the writeup says that song was BT inspired. Failure to read things strikes again; I'm quite good at that. Never heard of that artist, though. :x

I stand by the SGX comment though! It definitely sounds like his work. :D

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Haha, well, sgx has actually drawn influence from BT also. He's a shared influence of both of ours, so it's no surprise that the style would be similar.

Thanks for the comments all!

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