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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 25: Blizzard Games


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FAC 25

Theme: Blizzard Games

Welcome to the June 2009 edition of OCR's "official" Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

This month's theme is Blizzard Games!

"My first impulse thought would be Blizzard games, as I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before.

My only hope is that people think beyond StarCraft and WoW and can dig up some Lost Viking, StarCraft: Ghost, WarCraft/Diablo I D:"

--Ramaniscence, winner of May's FAC!

PM your entries to me by TUESDAY JUNE 23RD.



AND THE WINNER IS ..................... NINJA-SAN!!!

Congratulations! Ridiculously close this time around. And thanks to everyone who participated and voted this month <3<3<3

Number 1 - DJ Mighty, 9

Number 2 - Ninja-san, 13

Number 3 - relyanCe, 10

Number 4 - piendry, 9

write-in vote - Duckyboy, 1



Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Lots of love and thanks to everyone who participated in this month's competition! Your support is very much appreciated <3<3<3

PM your top 3 picks to me by SATURDAY JUNE 27TH.


If your unfamiliar with the FAC, here is some interesting reading material.


What is the Fan Art Competition?

The Fan Art Competition is a monthly event where artists create some form of art based on a certain theme.

What is the theme?

The theme is decided by the winner of the previous months competition (most of the time) and must be video game related.

Who can submit art?


What are my restrictions?

You are allowed to submit one entry, but other than that there are no restrictions. There are no size, quality, image size restrictions.

Who decides the winner?

The OCR community. Anyone who wants to vote, can vote.

How does voting work?

You vote for your three favorite entries, from first to third. These entries are given points based on the order in which you voted for them in. For example,

1st. Rambo

2nd. bonzai

3rd. Nyuura

In this case, Rambo would get 3 points, bonzai would get 2, and Nyuura would get 1 (although Nyuura gets three most of the time).

When and how do we see the results?

After the voting period is over, I'll announce the winner and show the tallied scores for all entries.

If I enter the contest can I vote?

Yes, and voting for yourself is allowed if you really want to.

Rules and Regulations!

1) Any art submitted must be based off of the months theme.

2) No nudity.

3) Your entry must be created within the month. It cannot have been something you've created in the past or partially finished prior to the announcement of the theme.

4) All entries must be 100% your work. Simply altering something created by someone else may be cool, but is not allowed as an entry.


PM your entries to me by TUESDAY JUNE 23RD.

PM your top 3 picks to me by SATURDAY JUNE 27TH.


Support this competition by wearing one of these fancy sig things, or make one of your own -




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Pfft screw night elves (not literally please) if I do anything for this it's going to be a troll, cause trolls are fun. (Oh how I dearly miss my hunter lol).

WoW is the only Blizzard game I've played with some level of thoroughness (well before the expansions anyway). So I'll probably be drawing what I know, which if not a troll, a Tauren druid heh.

I might not draw anything at all though, since I've been feeling extremely lazy since the semester ended...

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Night elves? Eff alliance, unless you're talking about female Draenei, or Gnomepunting.

There's nothing sexier than a troll chick ripping the hearth of her enemy out or a female orc decapitating opponents with a kickass 2-handed axe. For the Horde, baby!

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Yess, someone do the SkiFree yeti again!

Well, looks like I'll have to enter this one. I've already done maybe 4 different StarCraft drawings over the years... maybe it's time I completed a Warcraft one. We'll see....

There's nothing sexier than a troll chick ripping the hearth of her enemy out or a female orc decapitating opponents with a kickass 2-handed axe.

Or a weird cat-headed woman dancing in a sig? Hmm, our definitions of "sexy" do not seen to match.

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Do i win???

Did you start drawing that after June 1st???

I was looking through the official Blizzard Fan Art archive a week ago, and I happened to notice a lot of the WoW pictures (and a StarCraft pic too) were drawn by the same artist... and here's a pic by that same artist again!

[fake edit]

Just found the pic you posted on Deviant Art... submitted December 17, 2007. Sorry, you don't win... yet. ENTER ENTER ENTER!!

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I had the most awesome idea for a picture, then I realized I would never get it in on time.

It would be a night elf , sitting at acomputer playing Wolrd of Earth.

Then commenting on how bad the game is.

Maybe I will make a small sketch of it on the plane ride over.

Lord knows I have 13 hours to do it.

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