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A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV Online


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Saw a funny video you might find amusing. Or you will think it's stupid and turn it off 8 seconds in but I enjoyed it.

Also, I wanted to tell another funny story from my time in FFXIV. This was about 2 months after launch so most people had a couple of max classes so far. I was crafting as a lvl 50 carpenter somewhere in Limsa and I noticed a JP player standing right in front of me in battle stance also as a lvl 50 carpenter. I thought, "Is this a challenge?" So just to have a little fun, I also went into a stance and eyed her down. I then noticed a lalafell lvl 50 carpenter standing beside her also in a battle stance. So it looked like it was me (male hyur) vs a female miqote and lalafell just staring eachother down.

I decided to make the first move and I switched to my lvl 50 blacksmith and went into battle stance. The other two followed suit.

Well.... how about my lvl 50 goldsmith! The other two also switched to their level 50 goldsmiths.

Well.... how about my lvl 50 weaver! The other two also switched to their level 50 weavers.

I switched through my level 50 armorer, leatherworker, and botanist. I was scared. They both had maxed out classes in every one that I had. So I switched to my very last lvl 50 which was miner. The miqote switched, but the lalafell's level was only at lvl 35 and the gear set was naked. I pulled out the /laugh emote and held it down while the lalafell kept /fume, /furious and /angry. I'm sorry, you just had to be there. It was so funny to see the little naked guy so upset. I'm sure they also had a couple more lvl 50 classes that I didn't, but the moment was priceless.

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Heavensward opening movie it's out but there are 2.55 story spoilers so be warned!

Other tidbits from the Live Letter last night:

– The Heavensward main scenario will offer around 50 hours of gameplay – post-release patches will continue to add more.

– New job quests for existing jobs 50-60, combat, gathering, and crafting.

– New zones are 50-100% larger than zones in A Realm Reborn. There are nine new areas including Ishgard & Floating Continent.

– Flying mounts are unrestricted in taking off and landing. Once you “attune” to an area, you can fly there.

– Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist start at Lv. 30.

– Multiple new actions for each job have been added. Lv. 3 Limit Break animations aren’t shared, will be unique for each job.

– Regarding new endgame currency, Allagan Tomestones of Law will have no weekly cap. Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics will.

– Tier V materia in the final stages of planning.

– A specialist system for crafters will be added for Lv. 55~ You can spec in three jobs, and use “scrips” to change. There are spec actions.

– You can become Lv. 60 in all crafters without specializing.

– At Lv. 60, gatherer classes can discover hidden nodes by using “divine favors” through a “Favor System”. They’re available for a limited time, and are obtained by trading “scrips”. You can collect Red and Blue Scrips at Lv. 60 as a currency for gatherers/crafters. Blue Scrips have a weekly limit.

– New high-level levequests, FATEs, large-scale FATEs, field enemies, and elite marks have been added.

– 8 new instanced dungeons.

– Ravana and Bismarck primals will have a normal and hard mode.

– New Frontline area, rule sets, and PVP rewards.

– In Free Company Workshops you can craft housing or craft airships.

– An expansion of the duty finder will allow you to challenge duties with smaller parties. New duty roulette types/conditions.

– New loot systems called “Lootmaster” and “All Greed” have been added for normal mode & hard mode raids.

Also a digest of more info here

Source: Final Fantasy Network

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never played this before, so I just recently got the demo to give it a shot. I'm really liking the game so far and I'm debating on buying it. I just have a few lingering questions about it that I hope can be answered. (I googled my questions and pretty much went nowhere with either outdated posts or vague answers)

1) Can u really just make one character in the entire game and have it be able to play as all the classes/jobs without losing any of the progress from the previous classes/jobs?

2) would having multiple characters in one world would be just as important as to a game like WOW? (like having separate characters collecting there jobs materials and loot or like my first question, one character is all u need even for collecting items/materials)

3) does this game have monthly subscription? cuz I could've sworn there were tons of articles from various gaming websites that said ff14 had become free from subscriptions.

(It confuses me a lil further when I google the monthly subscriptions for ff14 and seeing ppl posts back from 2012-2013 stating there prices, but then don't see anything that resembles the monthly fee's when on the ff14 square-enix product website.)

I just want to be a lil more prepared if I do end up buying the game. Thx for reading

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When you choose a class, you will start in the city that has that class's guild. For me, I was a conjurer and I started Gridania. Every 5ive levels you have a class specific quest that you get from your guild. At certain levels you will get new abilities from these class quests.

To answer your specific question, after you do your lvl 10 class quest, you are given the option to change to any class you want. All you need to do is equip that class's weapon. Like the only thing needed to switch your class to carpenter is to equip a saw. You start at level 1 when you get a new class and any time you want, you can switch back to your main class and be at the same level you were before. My specific character was maxed in 2 classes with a little level progression in several others. This is important because there are some abilities that you get in one class that you can use in other classes. At level 27 Thaumaturge, you get an ability called swiftcast. It allows you to instantly cast any spell. This is extremely important as a white mage because if i were to cast revive, i would need to hold still for a whole 8 seconds without interruption. Swiftcast lets me cast revive literally on the move.

However, this doesn't mean that any ability can used with any class. You can't max out a certain class and load up your hotbar with top tier spells from every class. Some transfer over and others don't.

The only reason you would want to make multiple characters is

1. You have friends on multiple servers and you want to play with both groups.

2. You want to go through the story mode again. There is very little reason to do this though. Your questline in all 3 starting areas are very similar till they all join up into a main storyline at lvl 15.

3. You got tired of your character and want to switch race or gender. But there are fantasia potions that are able to do that. (Don't know the conditions for getting one of them though.)

4. You run out of inventory space which is not going to happen with the amount of room you have in your retainer's inventory.

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Who all is playing Heavensward?


I'm having a lot of fun with the expansion. The story line is a lot more improved over ARR (though I liked ARR's storyline too). Really enjoying the new areas and the soundtrack. Also love how they implemented the gating for flying with the aether currents.


I've got a tiny Free Company on Diabolos called Rust and Ruin. It's not an official "OC ReMix" free company, but I am looking for some people to join in on the fun. It's not a big super serious raiding-3-nights-a-week FC; more of a casual lets-run-some-dungeons-and-trials kind of thing. If you're looking for some casual play, let me know.

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I'm liking it, and I love that the new areas are so big. There's a lot to see. For instance, near the Bed of Bones or whatever it's called (that place with the huge yeti in the We Fought a Dzu FATE and has the exit to the Dravanian Hinterlands) there's a huge frozen dragon chained to the walls in a small cavern. Wouldn't be surprised if they explained that in a future expansion.

Also flying is quite fun :3

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The story got better, but I'm generally underwhelmed with a lot of the other stuff, honestly.


There are some good boss fights in the dungeons, but a lot of what I enjoyed about the gameplay itself is largely removed. Locking certain areas behind levels makes it a chore to explore,  especially since it was way grindier to 60, and by the time everything was open to be to visit, I was just frustrated. My first entrance to Idylishire, which should have been pretty epic, felt really meh. I got there, attuned to the crystal, and logged out. 


I generally log on, do some grand company turn ins, reset ventures, and then log out. I'm not even max level, and there is a ton to technically do, but I don't really care to do any of it. Nothing really seems appealing to me. 


The super long global cooldown makes things feel like they take forever, and combat isn't that fun. The best fights are the ones with bullet hell style positioning, and those have been really fun, but other than that, and the beautiful engine, I'm just not really having a great time.

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The story does seem to have gotten better but still it has not been able to grab my attention.  Things happen, people come and go, and nothing is really emotionally engaging.  Which is weird considering Square had one of the most emotional death scenes in Final Fantasy 7 with Aeris. (Is this really still a spoiler?) For me most of it probably stems from not being a fan of the main character in any game being a mute.   I guess for some players it's a way to project yourself further onto the character but for me it has the opposite effect.  Didn't much care for Guild Wars 2 but I found I was much more interested in the story even though each scene was pretty much just two characters just standing still and talking to each other.  



On Excalibur, the Limitless Blue boss fight is trolled hard.  Most often an anti-social tank with too much free time will jump halfway through the battle dooming the entire party to a slow failure.  This has happened almost every time I did the fight using the duty finder and it's a real pain to put up with.  Now most people quit the second they get Limitless Blue on Roullette so if you want to get past the fight you better have your free company to back you up.  


If you can find some good people the game is a lot of fun.  

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Wow. This thread has not been posted in for a while lol

Anyways, 3.35 just dropped earlier this week and with it the Deep Dungeon was added, known as Palace of the Dead. It's a randomized series of floors with its own leveling progression and there's 50 floors.

But the main reason I'm bumping this is to mention that the Yokai Watch event is starting this coming Tuesday. Super excited for that one.

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Yokai Watch event looks pretty awesome. I'm really just getting back into it though. I started losing interest when HW launched and I realized I probably should have done all those main quests, and I finally trudged my way through them.

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I just started Deep Dungeon, but it's fun so far. Weapon is up to +13, armor at +14. The drop rate is silly but ilvl235 so I get why they want it to take time. I also like being able to get an absurd amount of exp per clear on other classes, or extra tomes on my 60.

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Yeah the tomes are nice.


Also since my post is at the top of my page on my end I figure I'll update that. I'm on Zalera now and I somewhat recently got the Ragnarok Zeta and I then got the Ultimate Kettle Nexus. I also have a house in Mist now :D

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Well, after about 5 failed 41-50 runs(some of which the group intentionally wiped because of too few upgrades) I finally beat it. Excellent run with several upgrades, so now I'm sitting with a +28 weapon and +22 armor. Grind is gonna be real though.

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Very much enjoying the game. I created a character a few months ago but didn't really have time to play much. @DarkeSword had me move from Mateus to Diabolos and got me back into the game properly a couple of weeks ago, and now I can't stop! I've currently got a level 28 Thaumaturge, level 15 Archer, and level 4 Arcanist (the first two specifically because I wanna be a Black Mage, and the last because I really needed some type of convenient cure-type spell in my lineup and saw the Arcanist spell Physick was cross-cast compatible). Gonna do the story quest/dungeon to rescue the Sylph elder once I get home from work this evening.

I also did Palace of the Dead a few times with Shariq and a friend. Lots of fun. We ran out of time while fighting the boss of floor 30 last time we played though. :(

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