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MEETUP! 6/27-BALTIMORE / Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY


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UPDATED: Meeting at 4:00pm at Houlihan's for late lunch/early dinner/long island iced teas. I need to get to the concert hall early at 6, but folks are welcome to arrive later & stay later since the doors open at 7.

Also, WEAR YOUR OCR SHIRTS! They won't let us sell shirts at the event but if you need one, let me know size/color in advance and I'll bring it for you, $10. We'll find a convenient back alley in Baltimore, and if you give me the cash, I'll give you the stuff, etc. It'll be just like HBO's The Wire.

- djpretzel

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY - June 27, BALTIMORE, MD, Doors open 7PM

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conducted by Arnie Roth, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

Tickets: $30-60 range

BSO/Distant Worlds ticket information

The BSO around the web

Alright, as far as I'm aware, this is Distant Worlds first trip to the MD/DC/VA area, so we've gotta represent!

We've got OC ReMix, MAGFest, Firaxis Games, Big Huge Games and the Gamer Symphony Orchestra all in the general area, so clearly we're gonna do a meetup of some kind.

The concert's gonna kick ass, AND both MAGFest and OC ReMix plan to be spreading the word to concert attendees in partnership with the BSO. So if you're in the area, please make sure you lock in your plans to attend the show with us!






djpretzel (w/ Anna, Cara)

Gamer Symphony Orchestra members



José the Bronx Rican


Level 99



Nick the Newbie


audio fidelity





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My friend Jimmy-Taru invited me to this a while ago, so I'm definitely going to be there. We haven't ordered tickets yet, so if people are doing group seating, let me know. Dunno if I could attent a meet beforehand, as me and some buddies got invited to go on a free tour of the Clipper City Beer Factory (with FREE BEER! :) )

Here's a suggestion: anyone want to do a Fell's Point/Canton/Federal Hill bar-hopping trip after the concert?

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I'm in. How slightly reduced is the group rate?

Ok, if I can get a ride from Baltimore to Frederick after the concert (has to be that night, not the next morning), I might be able to come. Otherwise I can't make it.
I've got you covered for a ride if you need it.
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I'm in. How slightly reduced is the group rate?

I've got you covered for a ride if you need it.


I'll need to look into train/bus schedules to get up there from Raleigh, but I'm probably in.

Brandon, would you be able to take one additional passenger? One of my older students may be interested in comming.

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I'm actually in College Park, MD for an internship at the Goddard Space Flight Center, so I may be able to make it. The only thing is that on the 28th, as part of the internship, we are going to Sudbury, Ontario (Canada), so I may not be able to make this. However, living where I do, I've had been this close to one of these concerts. I am definitely considering just going and not caring if I'm tired the next day because this sounds awesome.

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I'm tentative.

I have a late event Friday night, but I should be able to get my ass down there from Pittsburgh if I have the funds...

It'll be nice to see the MAGFest people (we're having an OCR meetup in Pittsburgh next month with VGL) since I can't do Otakon this year :???:

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Okay, so I'm not sure how quickly tickets are selling. I may just go buy them with my friend and we'll meet up a little before and definitely after the concert. I'd like to have mine ordered or at least organized in some way by the end of this weekend. So excited for this concert.

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