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OCR01108 - Super Mario RPG, SMB, MP3, SMW, MP2 & YS "Mario's Tropical Paradise"


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Excellent mix here.

Dr. Fruitcake sticks to a strong tropical theme here, while keeping the origninal tracks completely intact. Anyone who's ever played a mario game will be easily be able to identify at least some of the themes. The sound quality is high also [from what I could tell, anyway, I'm deaf in the left ear]. The song hardly ever drops off from its energetic pace.


EDIT: Woohoo, first mix review!

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I think I saw this one in WIP form at some point, and it wasn't too impressive then. But let's have a look...


hmm... I have a midi of this from vgmusic.com. It's an okay remix, but not the best. I'd probably like this more if some of the soundfonts didn't sounds so much like my computer's GM sounds.

Just my opinion though.

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I grabbed this from VGMix the other day, and it blew my socks off. Maybe it was because I was in the Caribbean mindset after playing Tropico all day, but this is one hell of a toe tapper.

Only a couple of minor things that would keep me from giving this 100% in an instant - first off, I felt several of the songs used in the medley could've been given more play time. The Yoshi's Story bits at the end, for instance, would benefit from being a bit longer - I think you'll be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't like Kondo's beautiful Yoshi theme.

Listening through it again while I write this, the bit from Mario 64's water levels right before you go into Yoshi's Story deserved at least another bar or so too.

On the technical side of things, I have nothing to complain about. No clipping, crackling, or dissonant notes that my ears felt like mentioning to me.

Keep up the good work, man. I'd love to see more of this with something like the Mario 2 theme, or the Mario 64 credits.

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solid work...

I applaud the arrangment

stunning really

while i think a lot of the samples are ghey... they really help this sound happier...

man definetly a jam...

makes me feel warm on the inside...

I love this song with every part of my body (including my pee pee)

::files it into the folder labeled Phat trax.::

A++ material.

And mad respectful props for Yoshi's Story music.

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I love this piece's sound. The mixing is great, the samples are good, and as someone said before, this was the kind of music that Sunshine really could have benefitted from. When I play new Mario games, I want new music, but I also want old songs redone. I especially like the part from the intro of Super Mario RPG- I've been waiting for something just like that. Great job with the Super Mario World ending theme too...The Yoshi's Story is nice...transition was a little hesitant for my taste, but I liked it.

This music makes me think of what an ending theme for an updated version of Super Mario All Stars would need (once you beat all the games within the game).

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This mix is now in my winamp, with the "Repeat" button ON... :D

What an impressive amount of work (and talent)! 8O

Each tune's got his own atmosphere, but the whole thing is perfectly coherent.

As I am working (only 2/3 minutes a day, unfortunately...)

on a steel band style remix, I appreciate,

with its right value, I think, the tropical samples

(steel pad perfect @1'43, excellent marimba in the background @1'57;

but the one @2'44 sounds a little robotic...)

The drums track is very impressive too (listen to this little break @1'00, listen): bravo, bravo.

"One more time", says my winamp! :mrgreen:

(once again, sorry for my so poor english... :? )

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I really enjoy Dr. Fruitcake's work, and this song especially. I think this is one of his best works yet. If anyone enjoyed this song they should really go to his site. Although you'd probably want to go to the MP3 section. ('Tis where the best songs are.) If ya don't want to go to his profile and then click the link here it is: fcmidi.com And to the MP3 Section: http://www.fcmidi.com/mp3s.php

His work really is awsome.


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Whoa. It wasn't until the third or fourth listen that I recognized the Bowser Battle theme.

That said, the Bowser fight music in SMRPG is ripped straight out of SMB3. Since SMB3 is the pior game, I imagine it deserves credit.

The mix itself is par excellance. Whatever the hell that means.

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