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OCR01110 - Final Fantasy VII "Sector 7 Hath Wrought the Angel"


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Some aspects of this reminded me of Delerium (the other side of Front Line Assembly). I was wondering if you'd want to do another version pushing that sound even further, taking out the orchestral elements and replacing them with that "ethnic" techno sound that Delerium achieves? It seems that it might even be possible to replace the choir with the tribal garble/chanting, etc. that Delerium is so fond of using. Just a thought... It would make for a completely different, but i think, equally creepy feel in the song...

Anyway, good job, just wanted to share the idea.


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i thought this one was already on OCR...i downloaded the WIP a long time ago and have been enjoying this very much. better grab the official OCR version cause it could be different (wouldn't know why the song was totally badass when it was still a work in progress). I think the vocals really make the song sound great, even though they are the original they don't sound like they are. they add the OWA part to it because if they weren't there it just wouldn't be right

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For those who already downloaded the song about 1:15h ago, please redownload it, because there went something wrong with the file. It's updated now. Thanks. =)

To the song:

I was very impressed after I first heard that song from Trenthian (while it was still in early WIP stage). He just stared out remixing and this was the song he learned the most for further remixes like his "Breath of Fire - His First good Deeds" remix. So, yeah. This song is in fact older. =)

Trenthian captured a very good mood of FF7's "One Winged Angel", together with some avertions from songs like "The Prelude" or "Aerith's Theme". It's experimental, indeed. And you have to listen to it at least twice to like it. But after that, it's really an agressive sounding tune.

I keep the field open for reviews from other listeners, because Trenthian already had a hard time with my suggestions while he was still working on it. *g*

cheers ^_^

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This is a pretty good remix of OWA. Probably the best I've yet heard, though I've heard some really bad ones. I've also heard some downright offensive remixes of this song...

Though this is a damn good remix of OWA, it still isn't quite the one I'm waiting for. Of all the remixes I've heard I still like the original the best, and it is only topped by its reorchestrated version made by the Nobuo himself. Someday I hope to see that uber-remix.

When are we gonna see Halo remixes already?

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Sweet! A remix of One Winged Angel! And it doesn't blow! <=O Kick me in the junk and call me a priest, I never thought I'd see the day. I'm impressed, there are a lot of ideas crammed into this remix. There's an oboe playing beside an electric guitar that's playing beside a choir beside cheesy synth bass. Now, combining this variety of sounds into one cohesive song would be a challenge enough, but this song manages to pack all this magic into a remix of One Winged Angel - the definitive "impossible to remix" song. I tip my hat to you, sir. This is damn fine work. :nicework:

EDIT: Oh man, I didn't even catch that small section of the main theme stuck in at 2:02. Crazy.

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I feel to bring out the emotion a little more the bongo drums could have had a bit of reverb added to them.

The vocal samples are overused in my opinion, they're thrown everywhere, the actual latin translation of the lyrics is muddled beyond recognition. Which would be like taking a rap song by, say, eminem, and mixing the order of the words around.

But the instrumentals and the electronic element in this piece are enjoyable to listen to. It just has too much confusion for me.

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I find it rather odd that nobody has picked up one of the most glaring points about this remix...which is that for the most part this is just the original vocals overlapped with a thin, empty sounding bongo drum loop (if you REALLY want to split hairs, youd bring up the fact that now the lyrics make no real sense)

There are some occasional countermelodies (while they are dissonant, it was pulled off semi-well, so I wont comment further on those) but they didnt really go with the main melody....especially the part at the end when the oboe comes in and plays along with the melody going into some riffs which sound like the scale of G-Minor or the traditional music from Egypt and the surrounding area

Towards the end there's some arpeggios (which would have been a chance to sneak in the prelude, by the way...just to show 'em :P) and while I appreciate their being on a square wave I find myself asking why.

To me it was like putting a slammin ukelele solo in the middle of a death metal track...entirely the wrong voice to have used since it bears no relation to anything else that was used in the track.

The track is also too...flat? Lacking in progression?

Yeah, lacking in progression...thats a good term, I guess.

What I mean is, the track doesnt change at all...all five minutes of it are the same choir with bongos and the occasional scale in the background.

What we have here is OCRs longest intro to a remix. I say that, because all 5 minutes are an introduction to a greater tune...an impression I also get from the 'ending' to this one which ends on sort of a "....oh" note, rather than the "YEAH!" note that the original ended on and that anything which attempts to emulate it should also end on.

While it isnt a bad track in the way that you can't listen to it for more than a minute...

It's a bad track in the fact that its dull, unoriginal and goes nowhere.

That said, people seem to like it....so I guess its good for certain people.

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Claps suck ass pretty much in any song, and this one isn't an acception. I hate claps. Claps = stupid cheese club dance tunes or newb FL trance for me, and I hate both.

A lot of this isn't very interesting without the original vocals, though some of the stuff is interesting. Mixed feelings on this. Drums are kinda weak even not taking into account the horrendous claps, in my opinion. The bongos are nice, but the pattern seems a bit spastic and non-rhythmic. This could have been shorter. I was getting bored by the end, though I liked the guitars and stuff like that.

Hrmm. Good-ish.

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personally, I think trenthian is an arogant bastard, and a rude and abrasive character. He probably doesnt bathe either.

Mostly, I find most of Vig's write up on this Peice to be EXACTLY how I feel about it.

It started off as an experiment in vocal work (vocals are teh win) So really the mix Relies HEAVILY on them... because going to the roots its them that this was all about in the first place...

Some people showed interest in this in the WIP forums, so I really didnt want to let them down.

I may update this peice in the future with a MUCH more focused peice but to tell the truth i really think that the arranged version of this song played by the Tokyo pops is all the arranging this peice will ever need and I am content to have played ball with this Idea.

Im just a guy looking to have some fun.

Eccles, you still make me smile man :)

(I really love your honesty, as blatant as it is.)

When it was in the WIP forum, someone asked the question "Does it stand alone without the vocals?" at the time... it was true that it did not... and that is why the second half is where the party is at. I now understand that Vocals aside, A mix MUST carry itself as a mix... Vocal rips over a beat are just as bad as the original over a beat. In conclusion, as groovable as the beggning is or not, and in retrospect on how much the second half pwns your heiny, I hope you folks listening enjoy it as it really was a Mix for the peeps... (im usually really selfish about my music. AND I HATE FF7 ... crucify me if you will.)

If I "were" to do an updated OWA... it would be a different mix entirly, not an update... and it wouldnt be this song... it would be something else... like 4 measures of insanity from Kid Nikki the radical ninja...

I would like to take this moment to extend a very much deserved THANK YOU! to compyfox. he ish teh 1337 mixar! THANK YOU!

Things to come Maybe! ... highlight and copy to text.

I jest... in truth, Things I would like to do in an update... Different Bass- More awesome lead oboe, a longer version of the second half material where Im actually mixing, The most awesome Ethnic Percussion solo on the planet, (I hand placed EACH and every drum strike from the SF2s, its not a wavform loop... its midi loopage controlling sf2) I would have Done this mix as orchestral, but its been done (professionally.)

I promise there will be no hand claps in an update if every there is one...

but like the Triangle and Cowbell... I will miss them dearly.

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I'm going to say, I -love- the 2nd part of this mix. The first part... I could entirely do without, quite frankly. But the author realizes that, I see, and has already stated it before me, so that's fine. The 2nd part does in fact rock my socks with that wonderful oboe though. Nice stuff there. It's a good omen when your original work outshines the stupid stuff.

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One of the best OWA remixes I've heard. What I want to know is how he got ahold of those choir samples.... It is indeed a great remix. I hope this one doesn't get removed. I've listened to it for about a 2 weeks now and I can't stop listening to it. It's a great song. It could use improvement, so I hope you keep working on it Trenthian!

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Damn~ haha, I dunno why everyone's bashing this remix so bad. --

When I can nod my head and tap my foot to a mix then I think it's pretty badass, so this is instantly one of my favorite mixes. <.<

Even though it relies heavily on the vocals, I think the entire feel is boosted by the ethnic and club percussion, and the changing of some underlying chord structures while still staying with the original vocals is very well done.

It rocks my socks. <.<

A lot of different types of instruments thrown together, but they mix well. Oo; Electric guitar, hand drums of various types, electronica, BRASS & OBOE, choral vocals, Middle-easten instruments too...

... if I keep on going on about all my opinions on this mix, I'm gonna be late for class, so I'll just stop now.

P.S. I don't understand Latin, so don't have a beef with the vocals. ^^ I am pretty bugged when people attempt to speak Japanese like they're l337 when they really don't know it, so I guess I'm just hypocritical. Ignorance is bliss.

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