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Best DS game now ported to worlwideweb


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>You enter a room. The following are on the table:

>Double A battery

>"Cocktail" poster featuring a young Tom Cruise

>Salad bowl filled with liquid plumber and a lightbulb

>Choose from the following.

>1.Sign the poster with forged signature and sell for profit on ebay

>2.Forcibly charge double A battery in european wall socket


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>You consume liquid plumber with lightbulb and saladbowl

>You feel delicious and reap the benefits

>Weapons upgraded from crab pincers to Lobster lance

>Your gaze turns to the left where you spot your fridge

>Examine? Y/N


>You examine the fridge door and notice that it's speckled with

"poetry magnets" crudely placed in a random fashion in an attempt

to pass for some form of low-brow wit and artistry.

>You are Enraged

>Attack? Y/N

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What the hell are you doing? ...Oh, just joined.

>You turn to the one known as Slut

>Reply? Y/N


>How will you respond?


>2.Consume Flesh


>3.Sarcasm - you have chosen to respond with sarcasm.

>Crab Nicholson says " Forgive me for not posturing with the rest of the l33t, maybe when i've leveled up from a noob and upgraded my social skills we can group level and obtain killer Boss drops"

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