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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!! Fan Art Competition 27: Panzer Dragoon Series


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FAC 27

Theme: Panzer Dragoon Series

Welcome to the August 2009 edition of OCR's "official" Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

This month's theme is the Panzer Dragoon Series!

"Well, I've made my choice. For FAC 27, the subject will be the Panzer Dragoon series. All five games are included in this (Ein, Zwei, Saga, Orta and even the Game Gear game), so everyone can choose which ever game(s) they wish, and use whatever locales, characters and such that they want to. Stay in one game, mix and match games, whatever floats their boat. As long as the subject chosen is featured in the series, it's fair game."

--The Coop, winner of July's FAC!

PM your entries to me by SUNDAY AUGUST 30TH.



and the winner is .............. THE COOP. I, for one, am shocked.

Number 1, piendry -- 15

Number 2, friendlyHunter -- 12

Number 3, The Coop -- 21


HERE ARE THE ENTRIES! Very...interesting competition this month...uh. Yeah. Still, as always, I am thrilled with any and all entries we get for this competition. So here they are!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

PM me your votes by THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD.


If your unfamiliar with the FAC, here is some interesting reading material.


What is the Fan Art Competition?

The Fan Art Competition is a monthly event where artists create some form of art based on a certain theme.

What is the theme?

The theme is decided by the winner of the previous months competition (most of the time) and must be video game related.

Who can submit art?


What are my restrictions?

You are allowed to submit one entry, but other than that there are no restrictions. There are no size, quality, image size restrictions.

Who decides the winner?

The OCR community. Anyone who wants to vote, can vote.

How does voting work?

You vote for your three favorite entries, from first to third. These entries are given points based on the order in which you voted for them in. For example,

1st. Rambo

2nd. bonzai

3rd. Nyuura

In this case, Rambo would get 3 points, bonzai would get 2, and Nyuura would get 1 (although Nyuura gets three most of the time).

When and how do we see the results?

After the voting period is over, I'll announce the winner and show the tallied scores for all entries.

If I enter the contest can I vote?

Yes, and voting for yourself is allowed if you really want to.

Rules and Regulations!

1) Any art submitted must be based off of the months theme.

2) No nudity.

3) Your entry must be created within the month. It cannot have been something you've created in the past or partially finished prior to the announcement of the theme.

4) All entries must be 100% your work. Simply altering something created by someone else may be cool, but is not allowed as an entry.


PM your entries to me by SUNDAY AUGUST 30TH.

PM your votes to me by THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD.


Support this competition by wearing one of these fancy sig things, or make one of your own -




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Azel-in-a-slab is a pretty good and iconic scene, although some Azel/Atolm action would be pretty rockin' too. If you wanna go KAWAII :3 =^_^=, a scene involving baby Lagi is always a good bet. Any Orta or Abadd art would not go unappreciated as well.

...can you tell I like this series? Friggin' A I need to start a remix project.

Haha. Okay. I hope you're entering this month Dhsu! :-P

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COOP. All this stuff looks really cool, but I have no idea what the game's about. If you could give a few appropriate scenarios for me to draw, I'd be happy to whip something up! Something epic. Action still. or something. something.

Hit up Wikipedia, as they have overviews of the various stories, as well as links to some additional websites that contain info on the series. I'd also suggest typing in "Panzer Dragoon" on Google video, and watch some stages being played from the various entries. The series and its settings are better seen in motion, than just described in text.

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