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Teen Agent: The Root of All Evil - History

Brandon Strader

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directed by Brandon Strader

Greetings. This album project was officially announced on August 15th, 2009. Production finished March, 2010. The game is called Teen Agent. It has been called the best Polish graphical adventure game of all time. The soundtrack is very diverse despite only being 24 minutes long.

Final Final Listing:

< Main >

1. i.n.t.r.o. (Intro-A) [audio fidelity]

2. Trapped (Prison / Cave) [brandon Strader]

3. A Village's Welcome (Village) [Vampire Hunter Dan]

4. Lingering Lust (Lovers) [brandon Strader]

5. A Mouse in the Hole (Radio Edit) (Cave) [OCRE, Brandon Strader]

6. Of Darkness (Cave) [brandon Strader]

7. Lovers' Suite (Lovers) [Vampire Hunter Dan]

< Bonus >

1. Mark Hopper (Intro-C2) [bill cakes]

2. Celtic Wedding March (March) [superjoe]

3. Sax of Gold (Army Blues) [brandon Strader, prophetik, Usa]

4. 100% Juice (Multi-fruit Juice) [superjoe]

5. I'm On A Boat (Island Reggae) [brandon Strader]

6. Memories Within The Walls (Castle) [Flik]

7. Army Base Infiltration (Army Blues) [OCRE]

I would really like to thank everyone who has stepped up and helped make this OCR album project a reality. It had a very short timeline as far as album projects go, but everyone did their best to make an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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Teal?? I had never heard of that color before. Damn... the world is evolving so fast nowadays.. so many new colors i don't know the name of.

Listening to the music, this sounds really interesting. Maybe at some time in the future i might contribute (I still have to do like 6 remixes....).

Yeah, I just typed teal as a joke, but it turns out the color does exist in the forum's color library or whatever. I should have chosen charcoal, teal, and turquoise for the colors. ;)

just64helpin signed on for Multifruit Juice

OCRE signed on for Cave

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Marimba solo? bahahaha. I'll take a look at this soundtrack in a couple days

I hope you do or have, superjoe! I would love to have you do a track on this.

I am extremely pleased to announce that Flik has claimed Castle, so now there are only 4 tracks left. Army Blues, Island Reggae which DrumUltimA said he would do a marimba solo for in context of the song, March, and Prison. Still no WIPs but I have complete faith in those who signed on. :)

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i'm the cyan sample provided for prison. http://hosting.thasauce.net/users/Garian/music/garian-teenagentsample2.ogg. i'm not really all that good and i tend to just make verbatim covers of game songs because that's usually how i learn to actually do something interesting with the material... if i can muster up the non-laziness. i'm not sure if i'll ever finish this or come up with something a bit more arranged, but whatevs.

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Ok, people!

3 out of 12 songs remaining? I think that's pretty awesome. If we can get a few more people to claim a track, that would be outstanding. If not, I'll have to do them myself! Come on. Please. Make it easier on me.

We've got WIPs from Flik, bjkmenu, BardicKnowledge, and OCRE. YES! OCRE! And hey, I just edited this post to say I finished a song, so we have our first song done... yay. If anyone in the project wants to hear it, let me know.

Now it's your turn!

Don't forget folks, the due date for first WIPs is October 31st. Anyone without a WIP turned in for their track by then will lose their claim on the track.

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This is a cool project for me in a roundabout way - I've never played the game, but I remember it being mentioned a lot back in the mid-90s. The soundtrack's kind of interesting.. it sounded like it's all in the same tempo and key. I wonder how it plays in the game, I can imagine the music just playing continuously..


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Inspired by this project, I went ahead and played through the full-version of this game. Good stuff, so thank you Oinkness for reminding me about this long forgotten game.

And even more off-topic, I'm just curious if anyone has happened to play Escape from Delirium? It was another SCUMM-like DOS shareware game with tracked music that nobody played...


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here's my first wip:


feedback appreciated.

That may possibly be the best WIP I have ever heard in my life, and is definitely going to be one of the highlights of this album. :P

Just a quick note to all project members... try to keep WIPs just between the project members, and if you do share them with others, try to do it through PM and not publicly. Thanks! ^_^

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Hi there.

I didn't forget about the October 31st deadline for first WIPs, and the tracklist has been updated. There are extenuating circumstances, however. I have been waiting to hear back from a few interested parties concerning the creation of remixes. For that reason, some songs have been left free and a WIP hasn't been produced. However, as the timeline for this project isn't expected to stretch on forever, they have roughly a week or so to decide on a track before it's too late.

I'd like to thank superjoe for coming on and making a great WIP for March within just a couple days, and also claiming Multifruit Juice. This leaves Army Blues, Island Reggae, and Village3 up for grabs.

I am trusting bjkmenu, and BardicKnowledge to turn in new WIPs as soon as possible, and Flik has assured me that he is "not the weakest link". I don't want to find out who is! So I'm giving a little bit of wiggle room with this stuff. Just a little.

At the moment, all songs are heading towards REFINED WIP date -- November 20th, which is now just 19 DAYS away. Refined WIPs will be colored pink.


edit: One track left unclaimed!

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how's it going?

I would say it's going pretty great. I've asked a handful of people if they would be interested in doing village3, and I have one solid person that I think probably will pull through with it. I'm gonna hesitate before updating the roster, though. So if that works out, then the track list will be set. :)

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