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OCR01912 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Ghost Grove"


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Wow....if I ever heard this in a game back in that day and age I'd be pretty floored...or have a mad chiptunes rave party. This is, well, pretty kickass. I love the first half how it's basically the buildup of adding more complicated synths and such, break it down again, and bring it back for the resolution. All of these old-sounding digital-thingamabopers come together and, in their fusion, make something that sounds much more than the sum of it's parts (not saying the parts itself are in any way negative).

Added to the "game dance party" playlist. Very cool.

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Ok, this is pretty cool - nothing like any approach to Death Mountain I've heard. Songs using the chiptune style of production amongst other elements on OCR is almost nil, so this is a welcome addition, especially with how well it is integrated with the other instruments here. It somehow keeps a sense of mystique you get from the original, and adds a certain level of urgency you don't see in the original.

Love it!

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Despite my 'no' vote on this, I am generally feeling this one. Once it hits the main theme it's really strong.

I still do think that the beginning part gets a bit overly cluttered, but what's in there is good to go, it just needs better separation.

A decent and unique take on the source. :-)

^^ yeah, as i wrote in my previous post. i agree more or less on that. i was a little ambivalent about it before i submitted the mix, but decided that it was the way to go considering the chiptune-ish feel of the track in general.

oh, and thanx ^^

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Alright, this one took a long time to grow on me but I think I'm finally coming around. Something about chiptunes mixed with the mood you set up for the song just took a bit of adjusting to, I guess :-P There's a lot of attention paid to detail in the processing and arrangement and I think that effort shows through in the final product. The unconventional, sorta-glitchy drums really add a subtle boost to the track, too.

This is definitely a different kind of chipstyle than I'm used to hearing from the likes of halc or AeroZ, but a welcome change nontheless! :-)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01912 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Ghost Grove"

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