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Some assorted design changes, sans "www"


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[08:23] <@djpretzel> morning

[08:23] <@djpretzel> quite a few changes

[08:23] <@djpretzel> I couldn't sleep

[08:27] <Shariq> got a changelog?

[08:27] <@djpretzel> hmm

[08:28] <@djpretzel> www.ocremix.org now redirects to ocremix.org, instead of vice versa

[08:28] <@djpretzel> remix list now groups by game

[08:28] <@djpretzel> general remix list reformatting

[08:29] <@djpretzel> data tables now have certain links deemphasized w/ gray to help reduce clutter/ambiguity about what the list is presenting

[08:29] <@djpretzel> sidebar has been removed from all major list pages and quicksearch

[08:31] <Shariq> alas, poor sidebar

[08:31] <@djpretzel> all major list pages and quicksearch now centered and set for max-width=1300px to prevent columns from getting too far apart

In general, these are gradual changes, and other pages will follow suit as time allows. You may need to clear your cache, and certain pages may remain cached server-side for several hours before refreshing.

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Whoa, way nicer. The lists look much more presentable, but the pages are a little jarring without the sidebar - I think it is just a matter of acclimation, and if you're taking out the sidebar on the main site pages, then it'll probably appear more cohesive.

About those lists: the orange row highlighting looks nice, but in Chrome and Firefox, when one game has more than one remix associated with it (as in FFVII on the Newest remix list), the game name column is only highlighted when you hover over the first remix associated with it. Considering it's present in both of those browsers, I'm sure you're aware of it. Is that stylistic, or something needing to be ironed out?

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yes! it looks great, as long as you don't sort the lists in release order. because they are no longer in release order when they group like that. what's the point in having a release order list if it's not in release order?

this is my only opinion/complaint.

the rest is nice, very nice

Yeah, the release order thing is silly and WILL be fixed; I just felt the improvement to alpha order was worth making the change and then fixing chrono afterwards.

Also, a pretty significant design revision is now imminent... it will be more dramatic, so I'll probably create another thread for it and ice this one.

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Interesting changes. I'm guessing you're still rolling them out, because it keeps changing. However, I do have one complaint about the music page. I don't know if you plan on implementing it, but I miss being able to click on a letter and seeing remixes from games that begin with that letter. Hope you put that back in. Same thing with the artists list.

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Out of random curiousity, why kill the www. domain? Is there some kind of deep dark SEO reason, or was it just a stylistic change?

No deep dark SEO, just shorter printed URLs & bookmarks... that simple. Although, I'm also finding the URL more legible now, personally, when I'm switching between windows...

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