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OverClocked After Dark - The Former Thread of Days of Yore

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One of the members of Slipknot died and Brushfire thought it wasn't important? What was your bassist for that theory?

Depends on what you mean by "important." Like all Celebrity deaths, how much is his death really going to affect the day to day lives of a great number of people.

Not sure if its that much.

But if you mean important to Slipknot and if the fans are going to get anymore shows to go to or any more new records to rock out to... then holy shit its massively important.

All in all, Brushfire clearly didn't get the theory from me, because I am a bassist. So, he must have found another douchebaggy bassist for his theory. ;)

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YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Can I come on that episode too? JUST SO I CAN TALK TO DUANE AND BRANDO. This is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. Pleaaaase

No, but if you have a question or two you want us to ask them, post it here.

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Question 1: How are you so awesome

Question 2: Make more soundtrack raps

Question 3: Where do you get your ideas o_o

Question 4: You wanna do it with a filthy pig? o_o

Done deal (Except for the invisible question)

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