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OverClocked After Dark - The Former Thread of Days of Yore


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Wow, thirty two episodes, so many interviews, so many awesome guests...

I remember the downloading the first episode, not knowing what to expect. And now nine months later...

I still don't know what the hell to expect... The last nine months have been like a bad acid trip, with repetitive declarations of penises, gay jokes and David laughing like a damn hyena...


Keep up the excellent work guys!! :lol:

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Three days without a reply on this thread. That's unprecidented!

We very quickly became small and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

New episode will HOPEFULLY be out tonight. I planned on doing it last night, but a little voice in my head demanded that I unwind a bit.

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So far Day 0 of Otakon has caused me to get drunk and angry towards Wii-Mote functionality, rockets being outlawed from Halo Play, and for some reason, a deluge of Chinese Resteraunt menus.

Current counts:

Cross-players: 2

Furries: 2 1/2 (Non fursuits count as half)

Narutards: 1

Suggest something else for us to keep count of, for no reason, and we will do it!!

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