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OCR01157 - Ico "Icon"


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richbrf - I love you man.

ben cousins - cheers :)

graylightning - you are the pimp daddy, cheers for the continued support

supergreenx - cheers, man - and one of these [binster salutes] for the BG&E mix...

everyone else - thanks all - you make it all worth while. see shaun of the dead.


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Interesting point...

the rhodes at the start of Icon (if it's what I think you mean) are in fact the tails of the piano chords from track 5 on the ICO soundtrack cd. The whole thing started off as an ICO inspired track, featuring those obscure samples, then I slapped the guitar stuff in and it all took off. In the future, look out for a long mix of the track - there's an extended intro that features them more prominently...


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I LOVE this mix. 11/10 :D Though, it's missing something -- from 1'55" - 2'00". (it's slightly different than the mix @ vgmix.com and since i heard that one first... - Anyway that's the only difference I heard - oh and i noticed it's a bit shorter than the one @ vgmix. by 17 seconds) Can't wait to hear more remixes , though, and def. can't wait to hear the longer ICO remix :D .

edit:I dunno the terminology...like it's missing a beat/channel/layer :?

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Solid Blue Ico is right, at the 1:55 mark, its missing something, its really wierd sounding, and actually I like the one on VGmix better. However, that small complaint aside, this is a song in a genre all its own. I dont think Ive heard anything like it, and now...I wish I had.

Amazing Binster...quality if I've ever seen it.


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Yep. This mix is outstanding.

As for the genre.. it's total porno-funk, + some electronic weirdness in the middle. Haven't heard the VGMix version yet, but honestly I think that this mix is just about perfect.. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I like the weird breakdown in the middle, but maybe because I've been listening to music which includes similar sounding parts for some time now.. Mischief of a Sleepwalker by Sound Tribe Sector 9 comes to mind. I don't think I'd like to listen to 4 minutes of this stuff, but a little insanity in the midst of an absolutely beautiful track is fun and different.

Binster, I hope you continue to make music for us! You've got some serious talent.

....and I really need to play this game sometime. With your mix and SGX's, there are some stellar remixes coming out Ico, not to mention all the wonderful things I've heard about the graphics and gameplay.. and I did see it in the bargain bin at EB once (a while back). I'll have to keep an eye out for it..

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Killer awesome mix.

I like the crazyness that cuts in at the middle section. The tape effects and samplechopping, all of it's just incredible. Even the ear-stabbing static is good when you volume down or cut off the high frequncies with EQ.

The ethnic guitar is just amazing. It might not be like ICO in the ambient aspect, it's making want to play ICO again so I can locate the songs again. I want to hear the original again so I can compare.. This really reminds me of how I felt at the end of ICO.. mostly wanting more.

The use of game sounds is great. Especially in the placement of the one at the end.

Overall, awesome mix 9/10 mostly for the ear-stabbing mixdown in the static. Everything else's just perfect.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01157 - Ico "Icon"

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