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Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

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Hey so... I'm uploading the album right now...   I've been working on my directors comments for the upcoming release, check it out:   Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry so

Isn't there like a timeline where if a remixer doesn't do anything with a claimed track for over a year, it gets dropped and given to someone else who can?

Yeah, that happened. Now everything is done (except djp, who will do his track during the album eval probably).

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So do you think you could sub this when the site is ready instead of waiting for djp? No offense intended at all but I feel like the song would have been done by now if he was feeling it.

You try dealing with a full-time job, a newborn baby, and maintaining the site all at once and see how much time you have left for music. Pretty sure it's less "he's not feeling it" and more "he doesn't have a lot of time just like every other time an album has waited on him"

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Oh... yeah, I got my final Kuja track finished. That's two awesome tracks for this album, ladies and gents!







Closer every day, woot woot woot 8-) 8-) 8-)

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