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OC ReMix @ PAX East!


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I must admit I'm really torn on going...

Like Pezman, I've only ever been to MAGFest and Otakon. I love the former for its community and the latter for... I guess it's spectacle and vastness. But MAGFest is and probably will be my number-1 <3.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but PAX was originally conceived as a response to E3 after they closed it to the public. See, I don't really have an interest in watching the video game companies throw their weight around. Announcements, footage, even the demos (if there aren't long lines, but there will be lines... right?). I'll also kindly pass on the tabletop gaming and can only stare at a screen for so long...

I'm also torn because I had my heart set on ROFLCon, which is also in Boston in late April/early May. Being the child of pop culture that I am (if you're heard my MAGFest DJ sets, you know what I'm talking about :wink:), that seems like it would be a mecca for me. But if any of you went to the last one, how was it? And will OCR be there again?

I'll probably have to choose between this, ROFLCon and Otakon. I had to skip Otakon last year due to an annual commitment. This year that commitment is July 22-25, and Otakon dates haven't been posted yet, right? But it's good to know that both PAX East and Otakon have JamSpaces now (thanks, Dom!) :-D

OK, sorry for the long rant, but that's my situation.

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Yeah, I had to convince friends that Friday/Saturday passes were still worth the +$10 extra than the 3-day passes had been, since you're still seeing a bulk of the stuff there, since they missed the boat too. Thankfully they got them, though I hear Saturday passes are just about gone too.

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Do we have enough people to get this discount yet? If not, does this mean my friends (who aren't forumgoers) can participate as well, so we get our numbers up?

These are the only people I know of who actually got their 3-day passes in time (outside of people on the panel, since we don't count):


José the Bronx Rican


binary1230 (Dom)



That's only 6. Anybody else confirmed for 3-day? Now's the time: PM me your info so I can put you on the list!

If we don't reach 10, I guess we can add your friends.

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Holy crap, it's been way too long since I lasted visited the site. I was at PAX East and attended the OCremix panel, got to meet Bahamut and zircon there and I also took some pictures the night before of people at the Jamspace.





Was a treat meeting Bahamut and zircon in person, hopefully I can make it down to Magfest this coming year and meet some more people.

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Twas some good fun, although I actually wasn't huge on the convention itself - it was more of an excuse to hang out with everyone. It was great meeting some new faces, and some ones I've wanted to meet like Kidd Cabbage (IBBIAZ), Sleazy, Vig, Stemage, UE and others. Great seeing old faces as well, and of course various other people who I always get to see from here.

I just wish I had more time to hang out with more people - there's a bunch of people I wanted to hang out with but didn't get the chance to do so with :-( .

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I had to split my time between the OCR/regular convention crowd and my friends from high school and college. On Saturday, the latter group and I did "Enter Sandman" in the Rock Band room. My friend posted a video to his profile, but it's not visible to non-friends. I could put it on youtube if people wanted, because it is fucking badass.

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