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Pokémon Black/White: V-Create Victini on Nintendo WiFi until Dec 31st!

The Damned

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Man, Dragon pokemon are soooooo cheap this time around... They spam Dragon Dance until they can wipe out any pokemon with Dragon Slash in one hit.

The only way I could beat that gym was using Lilligant's Leach Seed and Sleep Powder and juggling my pokemon (Revive, get killed, switch, revive, etc...) until the dragon died. I don't think I've ever really used an ice or dragon pokemon in my team before...

At least you can get a bunch of decent ice pokemon early this time around. Not to mention that the Hydreigon line (which is probably causing the most problems) is dualtyped with dark so it goes down like a bitch against fighting type pokemon (of which there are plenty awesome ones as well).

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And Bahamut just made it for us.


OK, so we don't have an image for the social group yet.

But how about theses? It's from NeoTendar on DA, and is actually just one part of a much larger picture of other awesome looking pokéball designs.


It's just a quick version, but I love how they look and it's still easily identifiable. I think it would work great.

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So I tried to get Victini on Wednesday, but apparently my DSi isn't configured at all to receive Nintendo WFC. What do?

Seriously, I have no idea how to do this.

OK, first, are you sure you have a wireless router? No, really, you'd be surprised how often this is the problem. I'll assume "yes" for now.

Second, turn on your game and when the menu comes up, scroll down until you get to "Nintendo WFC Settings".

Tap the big blue button on the bottom screen. Choose one of the three little tabs that show up.

If you know the proper settings for your router, then this would be a good time to tap on "Manual Setup". But since you're having trouble with it, I guess we can try the other way.

"Search for an Access Point" is what you want. Tap on that. If your wireless is working right, it should appear very soon on the list. Make sure it's yours, though, and not the neighbors.

Now, if you choose that, it may ask you for a key, or a password. I hope you know what it is, because if you don't, this is as far as you are going to get.

Hope this points you the right way.

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Edited the above post to remove dead pic link.

Well, no one has put the image up for the group yet. Sucky. They must be busy.

I must say, I found Elesa's gym to be the most visually interesting one to date. The coaster theme was pretty cool.

But she's totally based upon Yellow from the manga, there's no denying it. Electric user, the face and clothing... even the red and blue ear-things kind of hint to it.

Wait... red and blue? Like Rubies and sapphires...


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Seriously, though, that was just like one of the better movies!! If this is the route the pokemon games are taking, then I'm VERY excited!

Of course, I've only got to the The End screen and have barely touched the Post Game content (Nice to see you again, Looker!) and the trainers are really strong! I'm looking forward to what I can discover next! :)

This is probably the first time I'm going to go out and buy the other version just so I can play through the story again!

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OK, since the earthquake in Japan happened, people have been spreading a rumor that Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the series, was killed. So, if you see anyone saying this, just send them this link.



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