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Suggest to me some good J-pop, please.


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I've been getting into Perfume lately. It was pretty surreal when I heard one of my favorite songs of their's featured on American Dad as "Japanese Funk". lol.

Yeah, that clip was... odd.

But Perfume is good. At least, some of their stuff. I love Computer City for some reason, but I find the rest of the album kind of "meh".

Asian Kung-Fu Generation has this odd 90s alt rock thing going on, but it's easy to listen to, and has enough variation that even if you get all of their sons, nothing is really repetitive.

Round Table featuring Nino has some nice stuff. They did the opening themes for Chobits, Welcom tot he NHK!, and //Hack.Dusk (a perfect example of a show having better music than story, art and characters).

Ketchup Mania has this really awesomely weird little girl punk rock style. Not a lit of songs, but their videos certainly are entertaining.

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What artists / types of J-pop have you listened to and enjoyed recently? Are you talking about just pop Japanese music? Sometimes people use the term J-pop for other genres of music too, like pop rock, pop hip hop, pop country and stuff, almost like the term J-pop just means Japanese language music.

If you are just looking for general Japanese music recommendations, then for the time being I'll just suggest my favorite artist: Shiina Ringo (her rock band right now, Tokyo Jihen, is pretty hot stuff too). Not really pop music, but highly recommended nonetheless.

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I strongly recommend Anamu & Maki! I'm not honestly sure if you'd call them just "pop" though. Almost kind of folk?

...After much searching as I type this post, I can't find tracks from the album I was going to recommend anywhere online and apparently the album itself is out of print -_- Fail. The one song by them on Youtube isn't very representative. But! if you feel like a hunt, here's the album info.


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You also can't go wrong with a few artists that have branched out from their days as Bemani artists for Beatmania/DDR and such.

Several worth listening to are:

Be For U

Riyu Kosaka

Tatsh (Tatsh is actually a strange mixture of techno and J-rock, but still worth a listen)

I also second Camui Gackt as an artist, he has some great music.

Also, you can't go wrong with Haruka Shimotsuki, she has some very relaxing music that is wonderful for slow paced days...

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I'll echo a few of the ones mentioned above - I really like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Do as Infinity and Orange Range. But my favourite Japanese group is a hip-hop group (which is odd for me since I'm not a huge fan of the majority of western hip-hop) nobodyknows+

Oh, and my second favourite Japanese music group would be electronica duo Boom Boom Satellites, whose music you'd know if you've ever seen the film Appleseed.

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