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Super Street Fighter IV


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A final question that is bugging me and my brother (who has had SSFIV for a while now):

We can never hear the themes of our favorite characters (like Sakura, or Adon, or Bison, or Rose, or anyone "classic"), except in the Arcade mode Rival Fights, or in some isolated instances. The options screen doesn't really help there (then again, we didn't look hard).

The default stages at the stage select that are there must be for the new characters, but even then we don't have stuff for say like, C. Viper's theme, or what-have-you.

Is there a way to get those songs to show up more? Or are there some character stages you (ugh) have to pay for?

If there's one thing bugging me about the game more than anything, it's that we just have these piss-poor stages with boring music in them.

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There's a mode that you unlock after beating arcade mode once that let's you listen to character themes when you're playing versus.

Also, don't know if this has been mentioned before, but this site right here, frame-advantage.com has a bunch of videos of matches for plenty of different fighting games that are good for coming up with different tricks for characters to just having fun watching some good high level matches.

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When are you ever going to play this game in offline mode?

When my internet is down. (Which has happened a few times over the past year, for various reasons.)

At work, where we are allowed to occasionally have a game night after work hours, but where the corporate network doesn't allow Games for Windows Live connections.

When I'm playing on a laptop at a friends' place, where we just want to play some versus games instead of fidgetting with network settings. Or on a train or something.

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So, Capcom is backpedaling on the PC version's DRM. Apparently they will release a patch shortly after the game launches, to remove most of the limitations while playing offline. Details here.

This is excellent -- more companies should patch out their DRM a few weeks after the street date. It's only there to get the crucial first week window anyway, as it's always cracked after the game has been released for a few days (and usually, high profile games get cracked before release).

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Sticking Ultra on the end of a combo that's already 10+ hits or greater is a waste of meter imo. Save it for a simple hit confirm and do 400 damage instead of 100 (or just 50 after 40 hits).

Otherwise, lots of impressive stuff there.

I'd like to think there's a psychological aspect behind the unnecessary combos after said 10+ hits. It's a waste yes but if you can shatter your opponent's confidence it may be worthwhile; especially if you can keep the chances of some incredible comeback from happening against you. Then again I don't play professionally so don't mind me. :<

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