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OCR Music Video Challenge was a success! Videos here!

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DAMN it. Looks like my connection is too unstable and enterthegame keeps kicking me. I might not make it on the IRC tonight (I'm WORKING ON IT!) but when the link to the playlist is live please post it here so we can all watch it outside the channel too.

Loved the vid, man - what type of camera did you use?

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Loved the vid, man - what type of camera did you use?

Everything was shot on my Nikon D90 @ 720p 1280 x 720 with a 1.8D 50mm lens.

I would LOVE to have had access to some other kinds of lenses; any kind of zoom lens would've made a huge difference in terms of my shooting options.

My only real issue with the camera is when the light levels change a lot it adjusts the lighting automatically by a notch which then shows up in the shot. The most obvious moment of this is my ending shot where I'm looking around with the rose. Other than that I've been thrilled with the outcome. And thanks again to all. Sorry I couldn't join you in IRC.

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Hey LAOS, and the rest of you, do you have a final render separate from the youtube video that is better quality? If there is, tell me, I want that file!

The original AVI of my video was way smoother than the youtube upload. If anyone is interested in mine, just pm me.

My mind is totally buzzing with new video ideas now, lol.

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HA. I can honestly count 6 solid new music video ideas or more, all of them WAY more difficult than this last shoot. That was one of the things that attracted me to this video idea in the first place; no need for sfx, animation, difficult editting tricks, green screen, dancers, any actual talent... etc... just shoot people doing stuff... 10 bucks for a rose budget.

Thanks to everyone who made something in general. I figured 10 vids (roughly how many showed interest) would be outstanding, 4 or so could be expected, and 1 or 2 would be unfortunate but 6 indeed made the gathering worthwhile.

I took the time to read through the whole chat log and I have to be humbled and thankful once again to the tremendous response from everybody. Honestly. I feel tremendous love here. When I got the camera in December I thought I might do some corny comedy shorts or just take nice pictures... I never thought it would go this well this fast. I've suddenly caught a real bug for film in general, and working with my limitations was a fun challenge. (Panning with the tripod looks bad? Ok, let's re-think this angle. No one's around to shoot this for me? Ok, let's shoot it off the mirror.)

A couple of things I wanted to touch on that I read from the IRC; a little late but here it is...

a) [21:49] <Bahamut> from a movie prob

Nice. How is this not a great compliment? That's actually my balcony view. Don't worry, I pay through the teeth for it.

B) [21:50] <@diotrans> poor flowers guy

On one of the takes some random passerby actually thought that was my real reaction to him and he was cussing me out for being such an asshole to him. Jack was great to work with and was happy to add some of this footage to his demo reel.

c) [21:53] <starla> laos is a goddamn overachiever


d) [21:53] <@diotrans> he said his actress quit like most of the way through...

[21:53] <@diotrans> how did he finish that?

She didn't quit; we're still buds. She took a paying job that happened to be on the only day I had free to shoot. What I didn't get to film with her, obviously, you didn't see. It left me with a much subtler narrative in the end which worked out great.

I was going to have a scene where I won her that fake rose, an argument scene before I go out for the cigarette and the music starts, and a shot or two of her looking sad out the window on the train with her suitcase. Without her, and those scenes, all of these blanks were conveniently filled in our heads instead.

e)[21:54] <soulinether> he probably changed it from a happy ending (her being there) to a sad one? :/

The jump/race back with the beat was with me in initial concept. Then that flashback idea built the bulk of the video; that 'dream' concept the lyrics are talking about.

But then that beat is only there for a short time and then cuts right out again. There was something so sad to me about that held chord on the vocals in the last 20 seconds of the song that I knew I had to tie it to a big feeling of loss, something great disappearing and just out of reach. And to me there's still nothing sadder than someone's delusion (Requiem for a Dream/Brazil ending?), showing the happy dream before reality was about the saddest thing I thought I could muster with just body language.

I've got a little bonus I'll put out in the next week or so. I had enough extra footage to have deleted scenes & bloopers.

I'll also be uploading the avi soon, but honestly I DIDN'T notice that big of a quality difference. It's not that much better.

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Didn't get to comment yesterday...... WOW!

I really loved the paper Mario one... awesome sense of humour :3

And I loved how you left the milk out of the fridge the entire time you ate. And did everything backwards. And the Wolverine hair!

(p.s. I did not love the shirtlessness.)

(And what was the part you forgot to edit out?? Or is that just a clever joke? =D)

And I was a tad sceptical about game montages (or, videogame-movie montages in this case), but that video was awesome all the way through, even with youtube's disappointing video compression. And I've never even played FFVII.

That creepy guy, uhh, was.....


what the hell.

3/5 niceworks for disturbingness :nicework::nicework::nicework:

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BRandon Strader - Town Music (Busy Life) Music Video - 368 views

Biznut - Waking On Not So Distant Afternoons - 371 views

Chernabogue - The End OCReMix (short edit) - 404 views

Lessashamed - Dreaming Still - 832 views

diotrans - Mario Paper Friends - 852,989 views GOOD GRIEF



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