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OCR01202 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Neighburgers"


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I don't like how the treble percussion is panned to the right ear too much. It's really really strange I haven't heard anyone mention it. Does no one listen with headphones? Makes listening with headphones really painful at a volume I usually enjoy other music, along with the fact that it makes the whole song rather unenjoyable, especially when it's become one of my favorite mixes from here otherwise. Good thing I plan to one day only listen with ultra speaker equipment! I kind of hate headphones anyway.


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This is so many adjectives that mean "good," I can't even say them all. Protricity is my #1 favorite musical artist, and this piece is pretty much why. I can't even write a proper review for it, it's that amazing. Not a single note is out of place. Of all the remixes on the website, this has to be the greatest of them all. Protricity is a musical genius, and this is his Mona Lisa. This is what awesomeness sounds like. If Chuck Norris was a song, he would be Neighburgers. If this song was put on a scale of 1 to 10, it'd create a critical error in the scale from it trying to display too many digits.

...I know I'm kinda gushy, but... this song deserves it. =D

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Some really nice ideas, but dizamn, that guitar drags things down when it plays. The arrangement is sick as hell though, and that's what keeps me interested for the entire thing. Great variation and some excellent ideas and additional rhythms.

Some of the high frequencies get a little overpowering in some areas, but overall this one is incredible. Nice work, Prot. :-)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01202 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Neighburgers"

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