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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

DJ Mighty

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It's not like wolves wear pants, you know.

And no Fantastic 4? Bummer. Actually, we have yet to see any Marvel girls, which is why we're getting the likes of Felicia and Trish on Capcom's side...

But maybe Black Cat? Squirrel Girl? Storm? Elektra? Er... Aside from more X-men ladies, is there really anyone else?

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little bit more news

Balance issues will not plague Marvel vs. Capcom 3, like they did MvC2. it will be Balance just like TvC hopefully

Character themes will be returning:)!!

the themes will sound just like the last Character trailer upbeat, Techno sounding. *If that's the case Hideyuki Fukasawa will be doing the soundtrack (*i'm just guessing :mrgreen:)

No Fantastic Four

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I Quote the following news

Niitsuma confirmed there will be DLC of some sort for MvC3, what exactly will be in these packs hadn't been decided yet though.

Certain character combinations will enable you to do things that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Also, Niitsuma specifically said that they're pushing the individualism of the characters much more so than they did in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Capcom would have to go back and renegotiate another contract with Marvel if they wanted to create an arcade release of MvC3 or other ports.

Disney buying Marvel has had no impact so far on the development of the game.

Marvel must approve everything Capcom does. From actual character actions, names of the moves, marketing and promotion and even if they hold live events, Marvel must give their OK.

At this stage of development, everything is pretty much locked down as far as the characters and features they'll be able to put in the game, but it's possible in the future, they may be able to add in fan requests and other things via DLC, but the schedule is locked down for as far as launch stuff is concerned.

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That's like hoping Capcom will throw in a Breath of Fire character. It won't happen.

Probably true, but it'd be awesome if Capcom would revisit some of their older properties for MvC3 -- Arthur/Firebrand would both be awesome, as would Nathan Spencer (to promote BCR2?) or an unexpected version of Megaman (Battle Network, Powered Up).

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Capcom said that they will show off new characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at the Tokyo Game Show, Sept. 16 — 19. Announcements could come earlier though, as Niitsuma suggested players keep their eyes peeled leading up to TGS.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be playable at this weekend's PAX West expo, according to the Capcom Unity website

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