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Marvel vs. Capcom 3

DJ Mighty

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Ok...This is getting crazier by the second.

Arthur looks like an absolute beast. A full transfer of all his SNES moves and possible armor upgrades. (gold armor!?)

After seeing Wesker i'm astonished. That's going to find a place in a lot of players hearts. Only one or two characters in the game ever get teleporting powers. That's got a whole different level of awesome. Also as for Chris he and Wesker Wont be the only RE characters. With this latest movie i half expect Alice herself to be in this...(and god help us if she is.)

However Trish is an unexpected and VERY welcome delight allowing me to form a new team. Hell Sword is on its way especially if Silver Samurai or Haytato make it in.

God i cant wait for the full list. And have they commented on DLC expansion packs?

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Arthur was totally unexpected and awesome. Spencer may not be the best CHARACTER, but his play style looks very wild and fun.

Notice how Marvel's side has way more villains than Capcom's? I mean, so far the only Capcom villain is Wesker. Marvel's got Dr. Doom, Magneto, Super Skrull, MODOK, and Dormammu. Venom is a definite possibility. So... what other Capcom villains might we end up seeing?

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So, he's in the first 2 games, but not the highly anticipated sequel? That wouldn't make sense.

But if that does happen, for some strange reason, my MvC2 team will be broken, and that just won't do.

Read the whole thing. The original megaman i don't expect to see now. Volnutt (legends) is possible. However the involvement of the ORIGINAL zero leads me to think that X will be in this one.

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