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FAC - NO VOTING RESULT IS IN!!! Fan Art Competition 35: Body Swap


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FAC 35

Theme: Body Swap

Welcome to the May 2010 edition of the Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

As winners of last month's competition, friendlyHunter and Keiiii got to choose the theme!

"Inspired by the themes 'Gender Swap' and 'Morbid Obesity'... draw a character (or characters) in a different body! The new body can have similarities to the original one, or it can be completely different in every way. NOT limited to swapping bodies between characters, but that's allowed too!"

--Keiiii and friendlyHunter

PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, MAY 30th.


WINNER -- Ninja-san, a bajillion votes


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images from FAC 3 to FAC 10

Photobucket Albums from FAC 20 to present



PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, MAY 30th


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So basically it's a bit like Keiii's entry for last month?

I'm a bit lost...

From what I understand, it's like....

Imagine if Mario was the thin one, and Luigi were the fat one.

Other good examples are:

"Does is metroid's HAND his gun?"


"Does Zelda hold his sword with his left hand or his right?"


So like.............

Bowser the super thin lizard...

Samus the d00d.

Thrall the Draenei.

Injecting Protoss Kerrigan :o

Female Ryu

Also: I'm so down for this. Hopefully work doesn't swamp me again this month >_<

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"Does is metroid's HAND his gun?"

Yes. Yes he does is.

Other than that, you've got the right idea ^__^

Injecting(Infested?) Protoss Kerrigan :o

It's about time she constructs some additional pylons :<

So basically it's a bit like Keiii's entry for last month?

I'm a bit lost...

If it was a drawing of Link and Zelda, then it's more of a clothes and hairstyle change and does not fit.

If it was actually Cloud and [i'm a total FF7 noob... Aeris?], then... then it's still not a very dramatic body swap >< Link/Cloud and Zelda/Aeris look very similar, and the idea is to change something (or EVERYTHING) so that it's immediately noticeable.

"Does Zelda hold his sword with his left hand or his right?"

Hehe ;p

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  • 2 weeks later...

Female Ryu


I have a few idea and really want to submit something but i just picked up a new bartending job and the bull s**t training is taking up way to much of my time. Bartending for 5 years and i still have to do the whole thing, Damn Fridays, oh well, i am going to really try and get something done...

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