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The Most Useless Peripherals In Gaming History


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The bots are beginning to become self aware. Their posting is becoming more relevant. Curse you Skynet.

Come on, they should have said the Wii balance board AND THIS IS WHY I SAY THIS... how many people bought WiiFit, what, 12 million? I'd be willing to bet that not 10 million pounds have been collectively shed.

Nah, but really why did they not mention the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add on.

I spit on them for mentioning the Steel Battalion controller. That thing is cool, I don't care what they say. I cherish mine.

And I hate to admit it, but when I was like 12 I got my folks to buy me one of those Aura Interactor giant wanna be pre-Rumble Pak things for like 20 bucks at some discount store, you know, when people in 1993 KNEW it was garbage and discount stores started picking it up. I might still have it in a box somewhere. I may go digging and where it to pretend I'm from the past of the future. And I think I have one of those R-Zone things packed up in a box somewhere too. Man that thing was awful, but I'm still a sucker for futurist designs regardless of how crappy they are.

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...Is Virtual Boy on there? I swear I loved that thing to death when I played it, but it might as well have never happened.

Edit: ..Also, haha, good point Gario XD

You know what flatpad was king of earth?

The Pump It Up American release pad. It had some sorta bitchin stick pad, with good solid reactions and all that jazz.


<--- I wish I had heard of this when I was actually using pads. >.<

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