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Game songs that have real life mimics (Or vice versa)

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Dragonball Z Budokai - Challengers

same Song Structure, same chords.

Coincidence? I think not, seeing as there are two other songs in that game that do the same thing to two other songs on the album that stratovarious song came off ;)

Not to mention two journey songs and a few black sabbath songs to top it all off.

The composer for the budokai games was Kenji Yamamoto, but I don't seem to know of any soundalike songs on the metroid soundtrack ;)

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I noticed this similarity between People Seized With Life from Chrono Cross, and a section of music from Smallville. The three chords, followed by the three melody notes, are exactly the same in the two pieces--just a half step off in key.

[edit] There wasn't anything I could do about the dialogue--you just have to listen around it.

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