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Game songs that have real life mimics (Or vice versa)


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I played Debussy's Passepied from Suite Bergamasque (the same one with Clair de Lune) Great piece, but when I grabbed a copy of Dragon Warrior for the NES, the overworld melody struck me as very similar to the opening of this piece. The first few notes are almost identical.

Dragon Warrior Overworld: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULQW-6AdugA

Debussy Passepied:

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I heard this in my Music Appreciation class and I wanted to scream out "Hey, That sounds like The Zelda theme!"


[skip to 4:28]

yeah, it's only the beginning phrase that seems similar to the "Zelda Theme" but I'm pretty sure that Koji Kondo was influenced by this or at least another similar Romantic Composer.

and this was obviously on my mind for a significant reason because I searched through 7 pages just to find this thread! heck yeah


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Dragonball Z Budokai - Challengers

same Song Structure, same chords.

Coincidence? I think not, seeing as there are two other songs in that game that do the same thing to two other songs on the album that stratovarious song came off ;)

Not to mention two journey songs and a few black sabbath songs to top it all off.

The composer for the budokai games was Kenji Yamamoto, but I don't seem to know of any soundalike songs on the metroid soundtrack ;)

Don't get me started on KY, he plagiarizes

even recently
. He actually composes for the DB anime in japan and yeah... every track he's made is plagiarized literally. Though with regards to the budokai games, tower of power and Slash and some other noted musicians contributed to the budokai soundtrack so they probably know he plagiarized some of their songs for these games, or let him I guess.

My friend told me the Kenji Yamamoto who composes for metroid has different kanji in his name, so I'm assuming it's a different artist all together. The stuff form metroid sounds legit.

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same melodic hook as Robotnik's theme.

I've always thought the chorus of the

and the intro to Robotnik's Theme sounded very similar.

On a funny side note, a few years ago I saw the Noisettes as a support act and the girl was singing to a huge arena crowd with her flies down, it was so funny when she realised and did a sly turn around and zip back up again.

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