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Emulate PSX

Brandon Strader

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I own a legal PlayStation 1 (yes, it still works perfectly) and I have FF8 and FF9 discs as well as many others... I want to legally emulate these games that I own on a PSX emulator, which is also legal to use, because I have a PSX.

Can someone help me out? I think I tried to emulate FF8 a couple years ago during the slow parts of class but it froze at the second Laguna segment and I could never continue.

Why am I emulating? Because I don't like the bad quality of the PSX when you hook it to an HDTV, I'd rather play it on the computer and have it show in widescreen without any video defects. Thanks :-)

I almost considered buying a PS3 just to get these 3 games on there.. ff7, ff8, and ff9 which is coming out June 15th (my cat's birthday)

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pSX can run most games without snafu; VIII should play through just fine, as long as you have a good bios. Same with IX. ePSXe might work too, but takes longer to get set up.

Make sure you have good images, or rip them from your own CDs if you keep having trouble with a certain spot in the game.

Also keep in mind that these two are still being worked on, I think, so some bugs may have been fixed, while others may have been introduced. It's probably worth another shot if you tried it a year or two ago.

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Started ePSXe and it had no plugins so couldn't do nuffin (yes I am that lazy), pSX started up normal it seems. Now I gotta go find my discs and see if it works. Thanks. :-P

FF8 works, though I just played the intro and little Doctor bit. You know FF8 has to be the greatest FF of all time, if only due to the immense awesomeness of its opening cinematic. Other FFs try to wow you with big floaty boats going around a city, but this into is so badass that all you need is two dudes with a gunblade fight in the desert, slashing their faces and spewing bloods everywhere.

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pSX freezes with FF8, but if you get the PSX frontend and turn some switches on (it happens when you're at the space station) it works just fine. Go to their website and check the forums. It'll tell you what to do there.

Thanks. :-(

I played through the discs on the PSX back in I think 99', then again it's been 10 years. I kept them in the case. :-P

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I'm gonna try that then since pSX is missing d3dx9_26.dll :-P

Edit: ePSXe is missing zlib1.dll *shrug*

As far as the missing d3dx dll, the proper way to fix that is to run the DirectX End-User Runtime, and have it update to the latest versions of crap.

About the zlib1.dll, just follow the advice Gollgagh, and grab it from dll-files.com.

As far as configuring ePSXe, I always like to go with Pete's plugins, as they are pretty much the best. Though recently, I have just preferred to go with pSX, as I don't have to spend any time tweaking plugins to make stuff work.

Well anyway, good luck getting stuff to work.

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Search for the isos of FF8 - I believe it's legal to have them on your computer as long as you own the original copy of the game. Psxeven & ePSXe both run FF8 rather well from the ISOs (I know from my own experience - I own the games, too, though; it just emulates better with the ISOs).

Psxeven doesn't have any required plugins at all, so if you're reeeeally lazy you could go with that. ePSXe, however, when all of the very small plugins are loaded onto the computer, has far fewer compatibility issues, in the long run, so use the emulator that best suits your style, there (both work for FF8 in my experience, though).

I would give you direct links to trustworthy sites for these things, but I believe the sites are more often used & abused in the legal realm of emulation, which I don't believe OCR as a site would like to be seen supporting, so... yeah, sorry - gotta find the stuff yourself (if the links Gollgagh provided aren't enough for your problems).

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Search for the isos of FF8 - I believe it's legal to have them on your computer as long as you own the original copy of the game.

The only time it's legal to have ISOs of a game on your computer is if you ripped them from your own store-purchased CD/DVDs yourself (and even that, I'm not entirely sure about). Flat out downloading the ISOs is illegal, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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