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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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And honestly, if 'Up' pulled that off and was called a runaway success, I don't see it being a huge issue here. Most Zelda games have set up some small hook for the story at the beginning, especially the low-fi ones: LttP, LA, the Oracles, WW... this really doesn't seem all that different.

The only thing Up pulled off was being Pixar's most WTF film.

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Never said I liked it; I was just noting that they pretty much did the whole 'setup at the beginning' before dropping it. Not a perfect simile, but close-ish.

Yeah I just don't like "Up" and "success" being in the same sentence because I thought it was perty bad for a Pixar film. Of course, shit is subjective and your simile still made sense so...

how bout that romace, eh? I hope they play it out throughout the whole game like they did in Paper Mario. You know, how they'd do cutscenes with Princess Peach in captivity and she was all sadness about it. Except don't make Zelda playable.. just cool cutscenes.

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We're less than a week away now. I've been trying to get tidbits of information without spoilers, but it's just so hard. Hell, even IGN's video review had too many spoilers for me, and those were in the form of 2-4 second clips from later parts in the game. I ordered mine from Amazon so I'll have to wait until Monday to play it.

I was at first, hesitant about this game when I saw it at E3. Now I'm convinced. The soundtrack sounds incredible, seems like everyone is praising the MotionPlus controls, and the graphics and animation look awesome. I'll finish it first on the Wii, but I definitely wanna try it out on Dolphin after a couple playthroughs. Check out the screens:


I'm so jealous of EU people getting this on the 18th.

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You know, I really wish I hadn't watched that trailer that was released after Comic Con that had way too many bosses in it. I wish companies would stop doing that, but I should've just not watched anything after the initial E3 one.

Oh well..I really don't like how some of the reviews are though. Especially the EGM one. If you don't know how to play the game, you probably shouldn't be writing a review of it.

i really want this game but i don't really want to pay 70 bucks to play it seeing as i don't already have wii motion plus
It's 20 more dollars, unless you have no cash inflow it's not even a big deal.
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As much as the IGN review bugged me due to the lack of in-depth analysis, the Gametrailers review was garbage. They contradicted their statements several times throughout the review, and the first 3 minutes was just Wii bashing because it's not HD and that Nintendo is behind the times.

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Yeah the Gametrailers review was terrible; I couldn't even watch the whole thing, but reading the comments gave me enough explanation of what was said.

It's not that they gave the game a 9.1 (although that seems awfully low, compared to what others have been giving it) it's that their review was terribly done. They spent 10 minutes bashing and nitpicking about what was wrong with the game, and then at the end say "but it was pretty good. 9.1!"

That's just an awful way to make a review! A positive score should be preceded by a review that explains why it earns that score! If you liked a game, tell us why you liked it, not what was wrong with it! No game is perfect, but focusing only on the problems is not only misinformative, it's also unprofessional.

It really bugs me too, because GT used to make great reviews. I even trusted their reviews more than IGN! Their reviews of Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3 among others cover everything that a good review should, and are very enjoyable. But lately, starting with their review of Sonic Colors I think, have just been all focused on praising FPS and blockbuster games and bashing anything and everything on a NIntendo console.

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oh okay thanks!
fine, touche. my comeback would have to be something along the lines of get a job you bum i guess.

also gamespot gave it a 7.5. wut. apparently this control thing is a big issue, but i don't think that warrants a low score when your peers obviously can get it to work just fine. this is why the gaming industry can't have nice things.

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Maybe everyone stop even caring about reviews and just wait for it?

I haven't been paying too much attention to either the reviews or the video previews (mainly because I've been so busy writing that I haven't left the house except to mail stuff or to make court appearances), but I played the demo at Target yesterday, and after ten minutes of the dungeon demo, I went straight home and pre-ordered the Wii-Motion Plus bundle.

Now finding the time to actually play the game is a different story, but with the holidays coming up, things should hopefully slow down.

Anyhow, the point is that it looks like it'll be awesome!

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