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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


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A recent episode of the Jimquisition show just went into this big rant about how bullshit people are for complaining about a score that is well within the "great game" range is somehow bad, and how everyone acts like 9/10 is now the average.

Yes, he's a giant fat ass and uses that self-righteous act a bit too much, but god damn it, he's right in ever way.

People see 7.5 and think "SHITTIEST GAME EVAR" without even thinking about it. That's 75% good. That's far more towards "good" than "bad".

A game gets 8.5 and suddenly it's not only not good enough, but it's an insult to the developers and/or fans of said game. A 9.5? Oh god help you, it should have been a 10, you trolling bastard.

Yahoo gave a game a 6 out of 5. Yes, that's right, a 6 out of 5. They give a game a score that equates to 120% of the maximum score they can give.

Fuck review scores. They mean even less than they did when they were invented. Back then, they had some relative meaning. Now, they're just a way for the gaming public to rage for no god damn reason.

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I never gave a rat's ass about scores and metacritics and all that jazz. If the game appeals to me, I'll play a demo or rent it. If it looks both appealing and people are telling me it's worth buying, I might just skip the demo/rent part (if I currently have the money to spend on games).

Stevo preordered it for me almost 2 months ago and I'll get to try it in 3-4 days. I haven't really read about it, just enough to make me interested in seeing what's it gonna be this time. My only gripe is how you sadly can't pick right or left-handed motions before starting a game. I'm a righty but have many left-handed friends and I understand their frustration.

As for graphics: this is a retarded subject to argue about. I recall WW making many Zelda fans squirm and whine at first, but they shut up a few months after release and actually loved the game.

SS in 3 days, yay! :D

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I can confirm that not only is this game great, but does a hell of a lot to reinvent the Zelda formula. Welcome to the current generation of gaming, Nintendo.

The live music does A LOT to enhance the atmosphere of a given area or scene(and there is a certain feature a la Monkey Island 2 in there as well), and the added dimension to Link and Zelda's relationship(as in actually having one) does a lot for the narrative as well. In fact, from what I've played thus far(up to the first dungeon), I'm willing to say that this is the best example of narrative and story set with a mute character since ever(and no, Half-Life 2 is bullshit).

Twilight Princess was a great game that sorta used motion controls well, but Skyward Sword definitely feels like the killer app that Nintendo needed when the Wii launched back in 2006 along with Wii Sports to really show what the Wii could do for gaming. It's a shame that it's going to be the Wii's Swan Song. I couldn't think of a better way to go out, though.

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Oh gosh.

I am going to EB right when it opens tomorrow to pick this bad boy up. I will probably listen to the awesome CD before I play though, because I'm pretty much as excited for the CD as I am for the actual game.

At least my 10 page research paper is out of the way so I can play the hell out of this game over the next week or two at least. Its been fun, Skyrim.

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