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OCR01234 - EarthBound "Dreaming on Distant Shores"

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...Why haven't I commented on this yet.

I'll go on the record saying that this is, without a DOUBT, THE best remix on this site. I am in love with it in every single way possible. I have no quarrel with it. I loved the source, and I love this. I'll be honest, while Earthbound isn't necessarily my favorite VG soundtrack (the Metroid games take that spot), it is probably up there in the top 3 or 4. Or 2 if I can count the Prime series as just the Trilogy altogether. :P I digress,what I mean to say is this does the source justice. TBH, melodically I couldn't tell the source right away, but that doesn't matter, because this just feels like Earthbound, and definitely feels like a Flash of Memory. In fact, I think this song feels more like a Flash of Memory than a Flash of Memory does. Damn.

This song has meant a lot to me in the past one year or so that I've had it on my playlist. It does its job of taking you away to another place. I remember the first time I listened to it, I was surprised to see the song was 6 minutes and 20 seconds long. It didn't feel that long. Time really does go by faster when you're dreaming :P

This is also an extremely emotional mix to me. I'm not sure how to explain it without dragging this on too long, though, so I think I'll leave it that.

Thank you so much for creating this beauty Rellik. You are without a doubt the most rockin' dude in the whole world.

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You sir just dethroned "Chekan Winter" by Prophecy as my all time favorite remix on OCR. I've been here since this site's genesis and I have no idea how I missed this masterpiece. This song is working on so many levels yet everything feels symbiotic and harmonic. Also you manage to combine of my 3 favorite genres of music Trance, Trip-hop (rolling ambient in with this one), and chiptune in this mix. If you got a donation page or anything let me know I'll be glad to fund your hobby when the product is this amazing.

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This is the second most emotionally evocative piece of music I've ever heard (Overarrow by Anamanaguchi = 1st; that screeching square solo just wrenches me), and my pick for the best mix on OCR -- and I've heard 'em all! You really did something amazing here, especially in light of the simplicity of the arrangment. Every single element contoured perfectly with the next. Just excellent work :)

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Rellik was always someone I'd looked up to during my first few months over at ThaSauce while competing in the One Hour Compos (back when I went under Jakesnke17). They were a great way of generating ideas quickly and over the course of time, you'd even pick up a few production skills along the way.

So I look back at the comments on this mix specifically and honestly, it's not too surprising that other felt the same way I did: He was masterful at creating unique soundscapes and focusing on textures. With this remix, it never felt like phrases dragged on too long and every instrument had a place. It changes up quite a bit and while I can hear the source, you can tell a lot of effort went into the arrangement by just adjusting the feel of the song rather than replacing its melodic content. I really like this remix: It's vivid and imaginative. Great work. :)

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The whole intro sounds like floating in some sort of digital ocean (digital ocean, good title...); good job on the texture. The glitching surrounding the beat is well-done, nice and rhythmic. Speaking of the beat, the snare sounds great. For some reason, my expectations lowered when I saw "techno mix" before hitting play, but this is definitely no slouch. Interesting sound design and writing; I really like how the acoustic guitar fits right in with all the electronic noise. Great job with that. Very good techno mix.

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Most teacho/trance remixes way from the past tend to show their age quite easily, and they just are kinda "meh" to my taste, but ths one is pretty darn sweet! It's got a very cool bouncy yet floating and dreamy vibe. Highly recommended :) It's a bummer Rellik doesn't do stuff nowdays, though. Certainly would love to see him back one day!

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I'd have to pick the word ephemeral to describe this piece. The follow-ups are ambitious and interpretive. The source is simplistic, sweet, and short. Rellik produced from that shell a deep, transcending journey that befits it's title. It invites the imagination to step beyond the present and into something familiar yet new. I can hear Flash of Memory at times, but what we remember isn't always what was or is. This is an evocative and passionate piece, an early OCR memory for me, and a pleasure to have in the music library.

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