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OCR CS:S or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Plant the Bomb


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Server up. No sourcemod or anything yet, but we'll see how interest goes.

I say we set up a date and time, maybe tomorrow at 8:00 EST? Probably going to be a big skill gap between some of us (Miyako killed me something like 20 times during server testing), but it should be interesting. A nice change from tf2 at least, given the teamwork focus.

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A nice change from tf2 at least, given the teamwork focus.


I'm sorry, I've just played too much CS:S to expect anything resembling teamwork from it. About the best you get is a handful of guys happening to find themselves in the same area and shooting at anyone they can see. It's not often you'll see teams actually deliberately work together. It becomes especially obvious when 95% of the CT team goes to one bombsite and completely ignores the other.

Request: ban the AWP, right out the gate. That gun is absurd.

At most I'd say put a buy limit on it so only a couple of people can get it. But then I play on servers where there is no limit and it's the dominant weapon so I'm used to dealing with it. Most new players would get mowed down if the people using it are any good.

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Generally you just need to learn to quick headshot, camp corners and use any sniper rifle and the famas/m4a.

Halt doesn't like campers. I think camping is silly.

The only exception I have to it. Lets say your being chased, you run behind a wall go prone and when then come at you, boom. dead.

But purposely camping and waiting for people is stupid.

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