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Game over for VGMix? NOPE


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So I stumbled across this thread while looking up for info on VGMix, and think it is really cool you guys (or whoever) has an archive for VGMix Volume 2. I have a bunch of stuff, though it's kind of hard for me to remember what I downloaded from OCRemix and what I downloaded from VGMix.

Anyway, I think I at least have a song by Bladiator you are missing. It is called 'Chopinesque Kirby', and that one I for sure know came from VGMix. I can send it to you if you want.

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Hah, the mirror located here had everything I hosted on that site up until the original version of "Time's Anxiety". (The others since were either DoD/PRC entries, hosted eventually on Remix: ThaSauce, or left to drift around aimlessly, re: my Ristar arrangement that came not long after :razz: ). And yet, little did we know was that it was one site that helped refine us as people here, one way or another.

Who knows, it might come back one day, but given virt's working situation now I can't really count on it. It's still firm to know he still has the actual domain though.

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