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OCR01240 - Castlevania III "Stained Glass Filth"


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Frikin' finally!

I've been waiting for this mix to hit this site for the past summer! Every single milli-second of it rocks! "The Beginning" is the best song in all of the Castlevania series next to The Tragic Prince. Not only has goat managed to enhance the hardness of the 8-bit's original buzzes and bleeps, but he also adds his own spin offs with loud but pleasant window-breaking guitar work! I love the squel that opens things up, the solo at 2 minutes, the cymbals and strings at 3 and a half minutes, and the wolf howl that ends it off!

goat, when people hear of you, they will remember this song. Every one of your other rock remixes here just got served.

A shout out to everyone.....download or cry like a baby who just lost his/her pacifier.

:DI love you, goat! :D

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I first downloaded this using Mozilla, and it had some odd skipping or something that made it sound terrible. I read the reviews and I couldn't understand why anybody would call it good, or they just have distinct tastes that I will never understand.

So I tried IE, and it came through right. I must say, it is quite awesome. Castlevania has my favorite game music, and I love metal remixes, so this is perfect for me. Very nice ending effects.

Hehe, its kinda like it went from being totally marred into being totally perfect.

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This Guitar rocks. This remix rocks. Goat rocks. Rock on! How much more can be said than this? How much more NEEDS to be said? Just listen to it! I am inspired by the rockingness of this rocking remix! Woo! All of it just fits together... its so coherant, and it all works...

DJPretz gave a glowing review of this, which is rare these days. But really, this DESERVES it. I'm not sure how you could do this better than it is done here.

Rock. \m/

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I haven't downloaded anything in about a year or so (not for lack of quality remixes, but I just got burned out on vg stuff for awhile), but as soon as I saw this on the front page I said, "hey, goat rocks." So I guess what I'm saying is if you only download one remix this year, make it this one.

Incredible guitar work, as always. It reminds me of Mustaine's playing at times. You show a real mastery of fret control. My only complaint is the fake-sounding drums and bass (they actually sound very good, but not *quite* real). I see from your site that you now have a bass guitar, so that should help, but I'd swoon if you made your remixes 100% perfect by getting a talented drummer involved too.

Top-notch remix.


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Goat, I have to seriously congratulate you on this. Castlevania has, let's face it, crappy music. Somehow, you managed to create a piece based off of a Castlevania theme and make it good enough for me, who is pretty tanj picky about his music, download it. Good job.

I don't know what Castlevanias you are playing... :lol:

Good stuff indeed... kinda reminds me of the Megaman 2 remix Mattias Holmgren did... wish he would submit some other stuff...

I'm Jealous

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