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OCR02086 - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker "Hyrulian Highlands"

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See it's music like this that I wish would get played more than overplayed "classics" like One Winged Angel and Liberi Fatali and the Halo franchise at shows like Video Games Live.

Oh, right. I totally dig this. Guys need to work on your recording though! It all sounds so distant and I don't get the feeling that I am listening to an orchestra as much as listening to a recording of a recording of an orchestra. An orchestra dishing out some awesome music, but still, there is that separation.

But hey, this is the second track you guys have released to OCR, and this was a live performance, so it's nothing to feel too faulted on. Maybe try hitting up Tommy Talarico or someone connected to VGL to see how they do their recordings - those always sound really sharp and amazing on CD.

And don't flame me! I love the track for once! Wholly and nigh unconditionally.

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Arrangement and choice of instruments are both very nice, but I do have to echo what is being said about the quality of the recording. The volume is insanely low, and as Master Yoshi said, it all sounds very distant.

Other than this technical issue, this is a mightily fine remix.

Oh, and I'm not bothered by the guy coughing at all. It's live; stuff like that happens.

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I know the recording is pretty low-quality compared to OCR standards, but you need to remember that we're an entirely student-run organization. We have a pretty minimal budget that has barely grown since our inception 5 years ago, and the mere fact that we even got to perform in the school's major concert hall is pretty legendary in itself.

Also, we're composed mostly of non-music majors, don't audition players, and rehearse once a week in a chapel, so I imagine our playing will be just a little bit sketchy :lol:

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It's great to see how you guys are improving your craft over time, I really think the GSO project is a wonderful idea and would like to see more groups like it popping up in the future.

The arrangement here works and is a pretty enjoyable listen that's easy to get caught up in. Performances are pretty nice as well. Perhaps your arrangements could stand to be more ambitious but given that you guys are mainly non-music majors and doing this just out of pure love for VGM, I can't be too critical. It's great hearing the improvement over time as you guys submit new songs, you can only go up from here! :-D

Hopefully you'll be able to find a way to get better-quality recordings in the future though. At least a volume boost would be nice here... Again though, nothing that really stops it from being a good listen, but some advice for the future.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02086 - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker "Hyrulian Highlands"

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