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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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Hey, I got back from my trip early! :D

Is everything going smoothly with my entry and such? I am now ready to do things that can be done.

Bliz, thanks for your comments on the WiP I posted - was in a hurry and didn't get a chance to respond (or at least I don't remember responding - I could check, I guess. :P)

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Frog's Intervention isn't a WIP...that's the whole song. If the version you have is 3:41, then that's all there is to it. Really.

You should check your WIPs on your FTP, Claado. I found on my backups that the longer version is among it. On your server is only a 0:20s version. Will add the infos later (update the first CD post) along with the second CD.


Nope, I guess a politic won't write that way. XD

Maybe it's really only my imagination or I met him at a convention or so. Bah... not important atm.


I'll post infos/fixes to your song later too. Miroslav sounds really agressive and loud, though a bit too much like "Harry Gregson Williams" would do his songs for "Megal Gear Solid". heh.

Later folks.

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I'll post infos/fixes to your song later too. Miroslav sounds really agressive and loud, though a bit too much like "Harry Gregson Williams" would do his songs for "Megal Gear Solid". heh.

Ok, good to hear you were able to get to it. (by the way, it's not Miroslav - it's about half SampleTank2 and half free SF2)

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Onto the next batch of songs. A bit late, sorry for that but you still have time till Thursday 8th September (The sooner the better if your track might still have issues!!!).



:arrow:Postproduction state - 06SEP2005

Stuff that is still WIP is marked as [WIP]

Stuff to change is marked as

Stuff finished and ready for mastering is marked as [MASTER]



15 - SirRus - Manifest Destiny

- You have a serious panning problem. Mabye even more in terms of phase inversion (are you using hardware?!). The songs sounds mostly dead center. Only the violin is panned to the right. Also is the later beat.

- Spread out orchestra. You have enough of room.

- Try to fix those issues first and then I can give you better feedback. Atm it really sounds like a one-man performance cheapass keyboard tune. Sorry to say that.

16 - EllyWu2 and Pixietricks

*on with the lady solo*

- personally I'd use a different mix on the vocals. If possible I want to have them seperated from the song. Sounds to me as they're mudded and I can try to fix that. Also gives me better possibilties for the mastering.

- Taiko work is a bit loud. Though taikos are (warning! Clipping with the Taikos! I hope that's not the case if I get the RAW files). XD

- in the section around 5:15, the taikos could be a tad more quiet (-0,5dB to -1dB)

17 - Hemophiliac - Wings that cross Time [WIP]

*can't go indepth here unless I get the full song, sorry*

18 - Rellik - Beneath the Surface [MASTER]

- Oh... the trumpets compete a bit with the violins

- could you turn down the percussion section (around -1dB to -2dB)? They're a bit too strong. Thanks

- Can the piano a bit more clean (not as dark)? Or isn't that possible from Philharmonik?

19 - DarkeSword - The Black Palace

*hey! I thought so much reverb is not "soundtrack like"? ;) Very Dark feeling indeed, fits the "Dark Omen" - I wish this could be longer but it loops nice*

- Timpany maybe a bit louder for more "dramatic effect" (+1dB or so)?

- Those staccato strings in the center are nice, but doesn't the "ping pong" pan sound irritating to you?

- A matter of taste, but what would you think if the lower string section is a tad more louder? Not needed though. (maybe it's really the reverb here)

- Even here, if possible, Harp to the left

- Well if you could remove the master reverb for the "Convolution Reverb", that'd be great. I promise to keep the original mood.

20 - Darkesword - Chrono's Dream

*sounds very FF7ish... Underwater Music anyone?!*

- The tremolo strings could use a wider panning span, the pizzicato's drown a bit in the center paced mix. Try to spread them out a bit (and make the pizzicato's a bit louder, like 0,5dB)

- Same with the woodwind section (try to spread them out a bit

- The asian instruments could easily go a bit "off center" too

- The solo Violin maybe a bit left-off-center?

- Also here, less master reverb (for the RAWs it's an other thing)

*sidenote: I can try to spread that stuff out with plugins, but it won't sound as natural as if you'd do it*

21 - Russel Cox - The Chrono Trigger

*I hate to tell you what to change, as you have experience in "real orchestration"... but sorry*

- Maybe balancing out the dissonances (faggot and brass) around 1:00? The brass drowns here a bit

- Around 2:40 the brass either more prominent or less promiment. Sounds a bit strange here

*would have loved to hear "Good Friends" at the end of the CD though, but can't be helped, hehe*

22 - Unknown - Parting of Ways

- can you widen out the strings a bit? The first section is really a bit "center paced". Maybe it's some of the strings you use as this happens in the middle of the song too (around 2:30)

- the bells to the right and the glockenspiel to the left - how about that?

- the piano definately louder (around +1,5dB to +2dB or so) - it really drowns a lot, especially in the later section of the song (with the first guitar in this whole OST!)

- The drum section around 1:00min and 2:30 a bit more in the back if possible

23 - RoeTaKa - The Final Battle [WIP]

*can't go indepth here unless I get the full song, sorry*

- Hints: don't let the drums drown out too much in the background. And there'S a flattering sound all over the song as if you'd use a rotary speaker effect, is that normal? More as soon as the track is finished

23 - PLBenjaminZ - The Final Battle [WIP] *marked as such on purpose!*

- the bells definately more quiet (around 1dB at least)

- this song sounds as if it was squashed through a master compressor. It's... pumping?! o_O

- try to balance out the timpanis in the first part of the song with the second part, they're too loud first, then they drown in the mix

- same with the strings. They drown each other out

- Please redo your mix again. It pans wildly, the compression is too strong (it's randomly pumping and clipping!), the strings drown each other out, the drums are sometimes loud, sometimes not.

- No fade out at the end please

24 - Sleepy Emp - The New Beginning

- no fade in/fade out please, unless that's crescendo/decrescendo

- a bit more emphasis on the cello/contrabass section, maybe? The part at 0:20 till 0:50 sounds really a bit strange here. Try to balance out the the brass and the strings if possible (maybe adding a warm tuba here?), sometimes the strings are drown out, sometimes the brass

- The drums in the back (part around 1:00) could be louder (don't be scared + 1dB?!), so can some lower brass sections

- same with harp and bells (that'S a matter of taste, though)

*this song has not as much master reverb, imagine if I add some what'd be drown out and what not - just as guideline for mixing: Add a big room or plate reverb with about 30-60% wettness and see what's getting drown and what's not, maybe this helps you for the overall mix. Of course deactivate it again for the postproduction check and completely for the RAW*

25 - Reuben Kee and Pixietricks

*my most favourite track of this soundtrack so far - good work for both of you - brings me some tears in the eye - though I'd have loved a pure english version on that one... hm...*

- if you could change the the piano so that the lower section is left and the higher is right (as most pianos are mixed this way) this would give more balance to the overall mix. (you know, natural balance with the higher string section left and the lower right)

- This track clips, but I guess you know that already. That's mostly at the louder parts and while the drums (taiko) set in (maybe make them a tad louder here too?!)

- could you put the woodwinds in the middle? Wouldn't that sound a tad better and more "balanced out"?

- I'd like to have the orchestra part and Jill's vocals seperately if possible, also the piano: so it's Orchestra mixdown, piano, vocals). Then I can work better with reverb and mixing.


SE - PLBenjamin - Determined

- The snare sure sounds as if it's flanged. Remove that please, and make it a tad more quiet (it's the opening I know, but the orchestra drowns in the drums!)

- bells more quiet, same with the xylophone.

- strings and brass sections definately LOUDER! I hear nothing of the orchestra

- no fade out's please

SE - SirRus - In search of the Light

- There we have it again, panning probs. Widen the material out please. Most of the stuff is dead center. (like I said, it may be a phase inversion problem - the mix "hardware and software" doesn't fit right)

- Please fix the track and get it to me ASAP, then I give further help

SE - Unknown - Predetermination

*hm... the usual "Tyler Heath" sound from "Aura and Omen" ;)*

- Could you try not to fade the percussion sounds (and maybe make them a bit more quiet or pushed in the back?) - has a nice groove for experimental orchestra though it doesn't really fit 100% (a bit too persistend IMO, just some slight tweaks, IMO)

- The lower taiko/timpani sounds can stand out a bit more IMO, gives a nice OOMPH. Not too much, +1dB max

- oh you're using delay on the song to "widen it". It sounds a bit strange on the violin though. Mabye remove that?

- harp/xylophone tunes a slight tad louder? (+0,2dB to +0,5dB)

SE - Sleepy Emp - The Story Begins

- hm... the timpani could use a bit more tweaking (volume technically)

- in this case can you maybe turn down the reverb (for the Postproduction preview?)? I'm sure that's the case that the stuff is getting drown out.

- Bells either to the left or right (if possible)

- The part at 1:00 to 1:30 (Magus) could use some snare parts. ;)

- is that a piano at 1:45 to 2:10? Can you make that one louder?

- I'd also go more with the tuba section than with the trumpets (aka, a bit more balanced) at 2:30 or so

- please gimme 1-2sec extra at the end of the song for natural fade out of the reverb


That's it for now. We're not yet there with the RAW files, we're still in Postproduction phase (which means: still mp3s for now, you can also leave your reverb in it, but for the RAW wave files please remove the master reverb!). Please fix your issues and send the stuff back to me as fast as possible (if there're more tweaks needed!). After I give my okay on your song, I want the RAW files. I'm posting extra on that one again.

Thanks for your efforts on fixing the songissues.

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I'm getting asked over and over about this, so I wanna emphasize that again:

- For the stage you don't need to remove the master reverb or mix it down to -2dB!

- As soon as your track is fine and I changed the status to [MASTER], I want your song as clean WAV in -2dB without master compression and master reverb



There're a couple of ways to contact me over the internet. I made pictures on purpose against bots and other swarm I don't want to talk to. If you contact me, please include your name in your first message if you're not yet in my AIM contact list.

Try to contact me via AIM or OCR first! That's the best way to get in touch with me. Don't send me files (via AIM) without contacting and informing me first. If you want to send me files via mail/AIM, send the ones in mp3, [MASTER] in WAV but "packed" in RAR format. If you want to upload the files instead of sending it to me (via AIM or mail), cause your provider doesn't support big filesends or AIM doesn't work, contact me via OCR PM or AIM and I give you access info to a special folder on my FTP for uploading (you don't need to pack the files in this case).

Please stick to the rules. Everyone else who contacts me that I don't know and has nothing to do with "Chrono Symphonic" will be ignored/banned. Sorry.





*I also have a Skype account, but that's only for "interactive feedback" (VoIP) on songs, production issues and bussiness calls. No chat!*


Please keep in mind that I live in germany. That's in central europe and has the timezone GMT+1 (infos on timezones: timetable). Chances are that you contact me and I'm not there cause I'm pretty busy with other stuff, private issues or I'm simply sleeping (evening in USA is late night till early morning for me!).

In this case, just leave me a message with your name, maybe even link to OCR profile so I can write you back. Or simply try to contact me later again. Thanks.

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Ok, here's what's been going on with me:

My computer crashed and burned Friday night out of nowhere (viruses are my best guess for causation) and since then it won't even run its OS. From the look of things, I'm gonna have to wipe the HD completely and reinstall/reload everything back on.

I'm taking it to a place this afternoon to try and retrieve the data from the HD (and scan it for viruses) before I wipe it all. With luck, nothing has been corrupted and I could be back up and running by tonight. Worse scenario: some junk is lost or I don't get the computer back for a few days.

HOPEFULLY, I won't be losing any of the recently-changed song files and can have those updated wavs to you very soon, Compy. I promise, I'm trying to get things working as fast as I can. Being without a computer for the last 4 days has been driving me insane. 8O

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Woah, woah, hold up! I thought we were using the piano/vocals only version of To Far Away Times for this project. Reu and I are getting some judges to help decide which one to submit to OCR main, but I was definitely under the impression that for the project, we aren't using the orchestral one.

And so far the judges have liked the piano/voice only one better anyway...

I'm seriously not cool with the orchestrated one being used for this project.

Claado? Reu? Compyfox? What's going onnnnn?

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Yes...I had made it a point to bring this up...

In its own right, yes, I think the piano/vocals only version is more powerful. The words are much more striking, the piano more haunting, and the mix much harder to pick apart or dislike. HOWEVER...after being preceded by 24 songs of full orchestral music, very much not in the softer vein of the finale, it just seems very...empty.

I know it's hard to hear, as the non-orchestral version would be nicer, but we do have to think of the unity of the album. Unless the final piece can be mixed to sound fuller, and less sonically bare, then we may not be able to go ahead with that version. Yet again, sorry...submit the vocals/piano only version if you desire, but unless there's substantial/suggestive reason to alter the plan, we should use the more complex arrangement.

Of course...please, please, PLEASE don't be frightened to convince me otherwise.


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Hehe, okay, my attempts at convincing you:

1. Compyfox might be able to make it sound fuller by mixing the higher piano keys slightly in the right ear, and the lower ones in the left. And whatever else he's capable of doing.

2. It's the credits track, so I think the contrast is actually a good thing.

3. If 1 and 2 aren't enough to convince you, I might have to revoke my vocals... Sorry, but I just *much* prefer the piano/voice only version, and when I started on this project, that's the deal I was presented with. If Reuben's orchestral version had been the original piece in question, I might not have agreed to collab. (Don't hate me, Reu, I love j00r work!)

And believe me, I looooooove this project! That's why I care so much about which version ends up in it. So I hope you'll reconsider... :puppyeyes:

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I'm just the engineer. I just talked with Jill about that. I'd have loved to release "both" versions (I am even allowed to engineer both), but it's a thing up to Reuben and Jill. If they say "no, orchestra is not good for Chrono Symphonic/OCR", then it's the piano version and I totally accept their opinions.

Please clear that in private and keep me informed. Thanks.

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Compyfox, see what you can do with both tracks. If the piano/vocals version sounds more fitting into the album than it does now, I will definitely put it into the release. But I have to remain flexible with both options...I can't make promises on one over the other until I hear remastered versions.

This will be very interesting...very interesting indeed...


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Just a quick reminder:

For me (in germany) it's already Thursday, 8th September 2005. Which means: Deadline for the fixed Postproduction files.

Please... get the files to me ASAP! (so I have still time to get back to you in case there're still issues to fix). The timebuffer shrinks and I can't turn the time back as in Chrono Trigger. If I don't have all finished files from status by Saturday (11th Sep), that project won't be finished in time (we also need at least 3-5 days for page, mirrors, torrent and stuff!)

I won't have to remind you that you volunteered for this project and you're bound to it till it's completition. And I can't complete it if I don't have proper files to engineer.

You also want an as good sounding package as I do, too. Please, spare me some sleepless nights (I surely won't master 29tracks overnight! Especially not orchestra tracks) and a possible heart attack.

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21 - Russel Cox - The Chrono Trigger

*I hate to tell you what to change, as you have experience in "real orchestration"... but sorry*

- Maybe balancing out the dissonances (faggot and brass) around 1:00? The brass drowns here a bit

- Around 2:40 the brass either more prominent or less promiment. Sounds a bit strange here

*would have loved to hear "Good Friends" at the end of the CD though, but can't be helped, hehe*

Geez, call it a "Bassoon"! In English, that means something different. XD

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