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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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would like to just go over the materials to be released in the main torrent or alongside the music. Are we going to have a readme or anything? I've been rolling around the idea of just getting a paragraph from every remixer and participant in other duties about summarizing the project as a whole, just as a capstone to the Extravaganza.

And we are submitting to Slashdot?

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Materials to be available on the website:

-the torrent

-the individual files

-links to the interviews, thread, affiliates, etc.

-the album art

-the script and script outline

Info for each song will include Track #, Track name, remixer, synopsis of scene covered, lyrics for applicable songs, and that's all.

The album art will include the track listing (01-29) and a short introduction on the inside front cover. I didn't plan on any readme files (I don't know what we would put in it, honestly) so if you think they're necessary, please elaborate.

As for paragraphs from each remixer, several are unavailable for contact, so that will be impossible/not complete. I would personally just consider the interviews as the remixer input, and leave it at that.

And in regards to Slashdot...I'll let you do the Intarnet pimpage. :D


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If nothing goes wrong. And there's the point where I step in.


You heard that? To "me" (AIM, eMail, PM, whatever!). Namely that's DarkeSword, SirRus(!!! - if someone has contact to him, whip him in here!), Sephire (Track 2 - Morning sunlight, the collab), Red Omen, Tyler Heath (Unknown).

(LT Edit: Hey, that means people see it :-P)

Contacted via another ways are ellywu, Russel Cox, mv and Reuben Kee (they responded and promised to get back to me!).

For this amount of material I need AT LEAST 1 week of work (and still I work like 10-15h a day on it!). If C.S. shall be released on 27th I have to start on thuesday next week LATEST. So get your lazy "backs" up. I want some sparetime too. ;)

Those who sent me the files in the last week, sorry that I didn't respond sooner. But the first [MASTER] files are comming together now.


If you plan on doing an interview with me, please do it "after" I'm finished with the files.


I'm still working on that thing I told you about (which might need extra "treatment"). It'll be a last minute thing - though I try to get it done till wednesday next week LATEST. And if I can't reach the deadline (mastering technially cause everything's delayed atm due to several reasons), I beg you... expand the release date even if CT has birthday at 27th sep. *better a good sounding full fleshed and delayed project than a rushed job - works with games too*


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a bunch of childish crap about audio filetype
an answer that should have been listened to and left at that

Grey Ninja, if all you can do is come in here and complain about your own stupid preferences in audio quality, then you might as well just stay away, because I'll keep deleting your posts. It's unwanted bantering and all you're doing is destroying any sort of unity the people that want to hear this project have. Start posting in this thread about relevant, non-quality-related stuff, or stop posting altogether.

Compyfox, no need to reply to his bickering arguments. We all know what's going on, and one troll shouldn't ruin it for everyone. If I see his immature posts, they get deleted. Don't even bother responding.

Also, about delaying the project...that is something I must declare publicly I WILL NOT DO. Everything for the past several months has been centered around getting this released on 9/27/05, and other events, besides the release, have been planned in accordance with that. What HASN'T been a part of the plan the whole time is the mastering, which means it comes secondary to the release. I can GUARANTEE that you won't have all the RAW files on time, and I can tell you right now that waiting for them will delay this project an unnecessarily, if not indecisively, long time. Which is why I have to give my ultimatum: the final songs will be uploaded Sunday the 25th. If I don't have the mastered files, they won't go up. So for the sake of the project, the mastering must meet deadline - if it doesn't, it's scrapped.

Sorry for the bluntness, but there is no compromise on this issue. The release will be the 27th, and that is official.


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Why will you have the files? I'm the engineer, I need the files.

New /[MASTER] Deadline for the mixers

Monday, 19th September, 12:00pm (the night to Thuesday, GMT+1)

Get the files to me! The sooner, the better. I'm not in the mood anymore writing you up and down what to change. Contact infos on Page 75.

I'm also still waiting for RedOmen and SirRus! It can't be happening that Ravi can't be contacted. Now off you go, and be quick. I can't wait forever.


That doesn't mean that I want the "changed " files by that date, but the [MASTER] files with the okay that I gave earlier. So pull yourself together a bit.

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Grey Ninja, if all you can do is come in here and complain about your own stupid preferences in audio quality, then you might as well just stay away, because I'll keep deleting your posts. It's unwanted bantering and all you're doing is destroying any sort of unity the people that want to hear this project have. Start posting in this thread about relevant, non-quality-related stuff, or stop posting altogether.

Yeah, fuck you too asshole. All I asked was what file formats you were going to be included.

I'll quit "trolling" when you answer the question and stop being a dick.

So just out of curiousity anyways, what part of my post was the trolling? Was it the part where I asked that lossless files be included? Was it the part where I asked that I didn't have to tag said lossless files myself? Was it the part where I said I wouldn't make a CD if lossless files were not included? Tell me.

I honestly didn't expect my previous posts to be deleted, otherwise I would have saved a copy. As I expect this one to be deleted, I am going to save a copy for myself, and when it's deleted next time, I am damned well going to try to get your moderator priviliges revoked, as this is just harrassment. And I will KEEP posting this post until my questions are answered.

Viva la revolution!

I'm pretty sure Compy, being a sound nut and all, will want to push for the highest reasonable quality.

I'm just presuming, though...

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Grey Ninja, yes, I did delete your post. And yes, I do believe your previous remarks were unwanted. But just to say what's happening, here we are.

We're not using FLAC. Period. Other projects may have used it in the past, and though I've never used it, I'm sure it has the best quality available.

HOWEVER, when a lot of these songs were made, they were given to me in MP3 format, and they lost a lot of their initial quality anyway. Also, those same people that rendered them that way (ellywu2, SirRus, PLBenjaminZ, a few others) are not available, or at least haven't been available in the past, to give us lossless files. So there's really no point in making a bunch of high-quality FLAC files with MP3 sound.

The official torrent will be MP3 files. This will also make it a lot easier for dial-up users to get the music, since the size of the file is much more reasonable. The songs on the website will ALSO be MP3 files, though Compyfox is preparing a non-FLAC special for the release, or shortly thereafter. All the mastering stuff is his doing, so if you have a problem with him in particular, please keep it in PMs to Compy and out of this thread. That's what I ask.

Sorry that you feel like I cut you off, but I honestly do think that after having your questions brought up and responded to many, many pages ago, your second appearance with the same comments and general disrespect (denouncing the project altogether, regardless of the actual music, based solely on filetype) was the beginning of trolling. Not to mention, when you started attacking Compyfox the first time around, your welcome kind of gave itself up.

And don't call me an asshole, because you're just making your own "case" for harassment one big backfire waiting to happen. Bring something other than complaints to the table, please.


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Just as it's your opinion that I'm an asshole or that you were speaking civilly, it's my opinion that you're being trollish and that I'm justified in deleting your posts. But being that I'm not only the creator of this project, but I also have authority over the activity of this thread, I guess my opinion has a little bit of backing to it. I suppose my being in the military leaves me little room for compassion on issues of people talking back without provocation, but that's just my prerogative.

I'm not deleting your last post for a reason, because it isn't contemptable, like your others. So as long as we can keep this thing in the right realm, we'll be all set.


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I have the MP3. If I know what hardware he used, maybe I can reproduce the sounds he had. If it's the Roland XV5050 (XV5080) or the EMU Virtuoso, then it's the Siedlaczek Orchestra. And I have that one on my disposal (also the EMU Virtuoso).

If not and it's another orchestra, maybe we can still reproduce the sounds. We'll have to see.

YOu got a PM btw.


Status [MASTER], waiting for WAVs from the following mixers (unless otherwise mentioned):

Track 01 - Sephire

Track 05 - LunarHeartHeaven (very minimal changes - I trust him in this case!)

Track 13 - Sephire

Track 18 - Rellik (WAV already provided)

Track 25 - Reuben Kee, Pixietricks (still waiting for the clean Piano track)

All other tracks are still in status. Which is definately not much!

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Nice to see everyone has stopped being so uptight, including myself. After the non-CS bull**** I just went through in the last two days, it's refreshing to come back to a sensible, calm environment.

Aside from all of my car problems on Friday night, and THEN the car crash last night (everyone's fine, except for my friend's totaled Hyundai, thank God) I am now better. And no, Grey Ninja, I wasn't apologizing. You're still not openly welcomed in this thread.

But anyway, yes, we do need to get cranking. I'm putting my own two songs through some quality revisions, so worry not about Tracks 07 and 17. Everyone else, WORK FASTER.


(P.S. FFVII:AC pwns)


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