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MAGFest 9 is gone - PMD sets in :(


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I'm considering going this time pretty seriously. I have more than enough money for the trip, and the date it falls on is pretty favorable for me.

On the other hand, I am pretty damn oblivious as to where it all goes down, how I'd get there from the airport, where I'd find some accomodations, etc, etc.

Last year, Brushfire was picking people up from the airport. Depending on the airport maybe he could help you out?

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I was looking into my flight options today, and I discovered it's a lot cheaper for me to fly into Baltimore than it is to Reagan. I'd like to take advantage of this if at all possible.

Anyone driving from / through Baltimore that I can get a ride with?

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I was excited about that too but for me it came out to $260 including fees, which is the same as everywhere else right now. I don't know if SW is usually a lot more expensive than that though, maybe it's worth it. But the other thing is they go to Dulles, not Reagan which is the one with free shuttles, so you'll have to find some other way to the hotel.

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