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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I made my own. sort of.

Speaking of that, Abadoss found this huge ass cave, I dunno if everyone's aware of it yet. It's east of his place, past that cave with the lava spout. Can't remember if I marked it with torches.

I made a highway extension to it and a stairwell to the entrance. I also placed some torches and a workbench above it, as a marker.

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thanks to everyone who helped out with my library last night. moseph and i managed to get a significant portion of it filed down last night after abadoss, halcyon, and phill headed out, so now it's just a matter of finishing off the floor, paneling the walls, and placing the books. it's pretty massive. i hope i have enough wood for the walls. i'll get a wall size soon enough.

after that, it's time to, ah, expand the towers of power on the front of my manse. everyone complains that they're too skinny. so i'll make them larger, and fill the inside with sand or water. or maybe lava. haven't decided whch yet. i was thinking about putting them in on the other side, too, but i think two is enough.

maybe then i can get my actual main room decorated. what should i make in there? it's just really big, i don't know what it should be.

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considering I was on earlier today, I'd say fuck you very much, capa.

Unless the IP changed in the last 5 hours I don't think that's the problem.

I have the same problem if I copy and paste the IP that is on the first post, but if I type it in or copy from minecraft.minnazu.com it works.

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First off, when's the next map update?

Secondly, concerning minecarts...

Earlier, we were talking about whether we should use boosters or not. Well, I just looked around and saw that boosters are apparently very CPU intensive; used on an SMP server with many people using them, they can cause serious lag and can crash it altogether.

However, I bring to you an alternative. And I have just one thing to say about it: WHOA.

Presenting the Minecart Mania! mod.

It won't be useful on SMP until some of the major bugs with minecarts are fixed (like the motion lag and not loading chunks when riding in them), but... damn. Want.

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