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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Yo! I just got the game. Let me in!

Username AeroZ87

As a new player, two things you need to be aware of:

1) DO NOT craft a flint! Flints set fires and fires can and will spread out of control, regardless of how confident you are in your ability to contain it. So just don't.

2) DO NOT destroy other people's stuff or steal from them.

Otherwise, welcome to the server, follow a highway, pick an empty spot and build away!

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Where is your place, anyway?

Abadoss, I don't know whether I should facepalm super hard, wonder if I had ever told you about it, or do both and wait for the probable, eventual explosion from certain parties...

Work, real life and Disgaea 2 been keeping me away from the server but I know I haven't been gone THAT long for any one to forget already.

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It may be a long time before the Nether is accessible in SMP, but I've begun construction on my portal area. This is the first step I've completed:


Incidentally, is anyone having issues with cloth blocks disappearing? The cloth on top of that keep on disappearing after a while.

hmm, that is weird, none of my cloth from my cloth tower has dissapeared yet/ever. although whats happening to your cloth could have been caused by all the lava (in theory)

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