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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I'm a bit annoyed. I was clearing out my inventory using the chests in the furnace room last night when my computer crashed. Logged in today to find someone had cleared out all the clay I'd collected from the chest.

Serves me right for using the community chests to clear my inventory, but still annoys me that I have to go collect more clay.

Do you need some clay? I'm drowning in clay.

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I figure if I dig 8 holes a day my little project will be done in a matter of...well maybe about a week or so. Assuming I don't get tired of it first; because once it's been TNT'ed (which I'd have to ask one of the admins to do) it can't be unexploded.

By the way...yeah clay does look a lot like stone, but you can usually tell the difference because stone will have little striations while clay will be a smooth texture. But you knew this already.

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I've got a buddy of mine who's looking for a place to play; he goes by the tag ForteMaster and was wondering if you guys would be okay with him being whitelisted on the server.

He's a pretty OK guy, reads the rules on stuff and all that, won't set things on fire... what say you?

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Aba and anybody else who pilfers the Community Chests: I beleive the idea of Community Chests are for beginers who would like to take SOME items to start off, its not for one person to take everything out of the chest like they own the place lol

Thanks for at least giving it back

Ori: Lesson learned: Dont put things in the community chest unless you aren't very attatched. Some people have lack of self control

Ferret: we'll see if anybody else approves in this thread (so far not likely )

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Oh, shit. My bad. TO: Sorry about that. You can have it back, I haven't used any of it. I just thought I'd gotten lucky that no one wanted it.

{edit} - I stuck it in the chest marked Clay at your docklands. Once again, sorry about that.

it's np, Aba. If it's in the community chest, I can't really complain about someone from the community taking it. If you'd taken it from my personal chests I might've been a bit pissed. If you want clay anytime, just ask. I just like collecting it and making bricks for random sculptures on my island.

Also, I vote no to adding anyone who isn't either

a) a person from these forums or

B) a person from IRC we all know

As we've said before, there are tonnes of free servers out there for these people to join, there's no reason to take a risk in letting them on to grief ours.

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Added markers for most of the warp points and they are more or less in the correct location. If the next map render screws the markers up, I'll just remove them all together since I have no interest in redoing them each time. Otherwise I will allow for OCR people to add markers and I will correct some of the marker locations.


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Hi guys,

I read this thread for a while, since the server is closed for public (that I can understand, unfortunately...), and I'd like to see all your creations directly in game.

Not creating/building (for now, maybe later, who knows) but as a single tourist.

And after a little chat with Lee, I'd like to be added on the whitelist.

Many people here don't know me, I'm more a regular remixes listener than a poster...

So, as Crowbar PM me, I post here to ask if it's ok.

Have a good day !

Edited by Sag Ee Mana
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