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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Thanks Brushfire!

My room mate and I bought Minecraft the day before beta came out and we've been having a blast. I put together some screenshots of what we've built:


Nice glass house to protect spawn. A chest for every material, and for every material a chest!


Standing on the roof looking at the beautiful waterfall built by my roommate. The water falls on top of the glass so you can look up and see it.


Standing on the high dive looking at the pool in the spawn house.


The "higher dive" which also looks down into the pool. You can also see my giant tree house under construction.


My giant wheat sky farm. This is on top of the waterfall from the earlier picture. You can also see my cactus farm attached.


Reed farm. Why not?


Meet "Happy" the Cactus.


Lol. I should put a swastika somewhere nearby.

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I just started constructing traps for players. This is the first one. Here's what's inside:




Room mate started constructing a mob trap.


Here's where the items come out. It still needs work because chickens and spiders don't drown and clog up the pipes.


Battle arena in the sky.


No turning back once you go in there.


How it works is, you and your opponent(s) are only equipped with shovels. You have to try to dig the dirt out from under your opponents without falling through yourself. Below that single layer of dirt is a long drop into the water. I want to modify it so that you drop into a lava pit instead :D


And this is why we like to play with bad guys on. Because first of all it's more fun - there's actually danger at night. And secondly you can make TNT, which is the basis for pretty much every player trap you can make.

Neither of us ever use admin hax, except to disable the spawn protection, because that's dumb.

Fun game! I'd love to play with fellow OC Remixers.

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Well, we got a Christmas present from Hey0 and Multiplay today, Hey0 mod 132 for Beta came out, and Multiplay promptly has it going, even restarted the server for me.

Merry Christmas! I'll work on adding the new people to the white list

Monsters are working a LOT better then the last time i tested them, they even appear when teleporting, so if people want i may leave them on. For now until i can test them some more, im going to turn them off (damage is off too).

Do we want creepers freely roaming if we turn monsters on perminately?

You guys decide


Also, Christmas Capes!

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If we turn on mobs, then I want creepers, too. I want the whole package. Creepers aren't an issue when you're working on something so long as you don't let them get within 2 blocks of you without anything directly between you. They won't explode on their own. In other words, they're less of an issue than skellies, which can nail you from a distance before you can do anything at all.

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Theres a mod simular to Torch Light called Flashlight that i'm testing out now. it works in SMP, so you can type /flashlight and any torch you hold will light the way

Server appears horribly laggy at the moment, wasn't like this earlier, i think people are just excited to play on MPUK since they havn't for the last 5 days and it may be bogging downt he servers. Just my theory

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That's what the whitelist is for. Just don't start a massive community TNT-fest near your base and you should be fine. :<

lol, man that was the best underground tnt rave ever.

im all for the implementation of mobs/creepers. (your fine in the day) good lighting in your constructions does wonders for creeper stopping... im far more worried about skeletons.

heck, its never even night time on the server anymore (unless that mod got taken off)

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